Dearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles

Dearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles Purchase:

    Ms. Charles has a fun style of writing; her characters are all slightly eccentric but real.

    Little girls are vanishing from Deadwood, South Dakota. Fearing her daughter might be next, single mom Violet Parker is desperate to find the monster behind the abductions.

    With her savings dwindling and just three weeks left to sell her first house or lose her realtor job, Violet is ecstatic when a handsome jeweler hires her to sell his century-old Victorian masterpiece – until she sees the dilapidated dwelling.

    Now if she could just convince her only buyer to stop rejecting vintage homes as if they’re haunted.

    Short on time and long on worry, Violet refuses to give up her dream of a fresh start in Deadwood. But with a malicious coworker trying to get her fired, a secret admirer sending her creepy messages, and a sexy stranger hiding skeletons in his closet, will Violet end up as one of Deadwood’s dearly departed?

    Review by J. Larson:

    Ann Charles
    Ann Charles

    I bought this on a whim for my kindle, and was so glad I did! It was an easy breezy read, the writing was good and clever and not at all lame as some of the kindle books by unknowns can be.

    I thought the characters were well-drawn, and the kids were too funny, kept me laughing the whole way. The main character Violet was likable and someone you wanted to root for. I am certainly going to read this author again; trust me when I say this one is a thumb’s up!

    Review by Gayzie:

    This book was a fun read, and the mystery grabbed me & held me til the end. Ms. Charles has a fun style of writing; her characters are all slightly eccentric but real. I love the dynamic between Violet & old Harvey, they make quite a pair of pseudo detectives.

    Violet’ s budding romance with the oddly mysterious – but sexy- Doc is just right: I want more!!! Bring on the next book in the Deadwood series, please!

    Review by 4thjet:

    As a lover of the town of Deadwood and humorous mysteries, I picked up this kindle book out of curiosity.

    Both the author and main character Violet love Deadwood as much as I do. A town with history and old mysteries and now a new mysteries of young girls going missing and Violet is worried her daughter is next as she looks similar to the missing girls.

    Violet’s love life gets amusing especially when her daughter posts an ad in the local online paper that her mother is looking for a man and with the requirements the daughter thinks is desirable.

    At work as a rookie real estate agent, with a very annoying male co-worker who is trying to get rid of Violet working there so his nephew can get the job, we can all relate to the annoying co-worker although I would have said something either to the owner or at least let the air out of his tires when he told another person he could have Violet’s parking spot… that did bug me. Why didn’t she just tell the guy he was being annoying and the other you are in my spot? Cause he was now a client? come on grow up and get a pair!

    Anyway, the sub-characters add to the story colourfully and are humorous, but Violet is no investigator. More just a curious and protective mother that falls into the mystery and ends up solving the case, although it almost cost her everything. (don’t want to spoil it for you!)

    I will enjoy reading another of these stories and see if they do add a little more Deadwood history to the plot.