Deadline Yemen by Peggy Hanson

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    This Is More Than a Compelling Mystery.

    Called to Yemen to help her old friend Halima, correspondent Elizabeth Darcy combines work with the chance to repay an old debt.

    But the narrow, mysterious streets are populated with armed men and veiled women; who can tell friend from foe? Her first priority is to help Halima’s young brother Ali, who has become involved with religious extremists. But murder dogs her footsteps, and she is under police surveillance.

    Abducted along her investigative trail, Elizabeth is drawn into the terrorists’ web. She must work with two men—one Yemeni, one British—who are on a mission of their own.

    What are their plans?

    And why have they all ended up in the remote Hadhramaut wadi where the Incense Road once began?

    Elizabeth pieces together the plot, hoping she’s in time to save Halima and Ali. But can she save herself as well?

    Praise for Deadline Yemen:

    Peggy Hanson’s Deadline Yemen is terrific. She brilliantly captures its mystery and its fascination, and, yes, its dangers as well. I know – I’ve been there. – Charles Todd, author of the Ian Rutledge Mysteries and the Bess Crawford mysteries.

    I love learning something new when I read fiction, and Deadline Yemen fills the fill. This is more than a compelling mystery. It’s an education about a place filled with complications, paradox, conflict, and deep beauty. In sort, this book is a treasure. – Anne Hillerman, author Spider Woman’s Daughter, a Joe Leaphorn/Jim chee mystery.

    About Peggy Hanson:

    Peggy Hanson
    Peggy Hanson

    Peggy Hanson has lived more than twenty years in Yemen, Turkey, India, and Indonesia. An avid mystery fan, she draws on her background as a Peace Corps volunteer and International Broadcaster for the Voice of America to bring the world to her readers through the mystery medium. She finds it more fun to write fiction than to stick to facts as she did when she was a journalist, though she still tries to be as accurate as possible.

    Peggy has published two mysteries in the Elizabeth Darcy series, DEADLINE ISTANBUL and DEADLINE YEMEN. She is currently working on the next book in that series, DEADLINE INDONESIA. And she is also beginning a new series featuring MARY MATTHEWS, a Victorian American missionary sleuth in the Balkans. This series is based on the diaries and letters of Peggy’s great-aunt, who was ultimately expelled from Macedonia—possibly for being an American spy.

    Peggy lives near Washington, DC, with her husband and their two lively cats.