Dead Water by Ann Cleeves

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    In Dead Water, a triumphant continuation to her Shetland series, Ann Cleeves cements her place as one of Britain’s most successful crime writers.

    Ann Cleeves returns to her critically acclaimed Shetland Island series with this stunning mystery featuring Inspector Jimmy Perez, who listeners will remember from Raven Black, White Nights, Red Bones, and Blue Lightning.

    When the body of a journalist is found, Detective Inspector Willow Reeves is drafted from outside to head up the investigation. Inspector Jimmy Perez has been out of the loop, but his local knowledge is needed in this case, and he decides to help Willow. The dead journalist had left the islands years before to pursue his writing career.

    In his wake, he left a scandal involving a young girl. When Willow and Jimmy dig deeper, they realize that the journalist was chasing a story that many Shetlanders didn’t want to come to the surface.

    Review by Kathi:

    Ann Cleeves
    Ann Cleeves

    Anne Cleeves writes fascinating mysteries that take place in the Shetland Islands. She is also the author of the Vera Stanhope series. In this book, Jimmy Perez has been away due to a personal tragedy, and when this murder occurs, he is drawn back into the police work little by little, even as he continues to take care of his foster daughter.

    In this case, a local man who had moved away, returns, only to be killed. There are a couple of intriguing pathways to follow for clues–one, his past romances and the other, concerns about a local water project that some people are not happy about. 

Cleeves’ books are deep and intense.

    This plot is well laid out and has enough continuing interest to keep the reader/listener’s attention from beginning to end. It is good as a stand alone mystery–however, be aware that it is part of a series (in fact, the 5th one)–but so far as I can see, it is the only one being offered by her on Audible (at least so far).

    I chose to listen to it (normally would not be likely to pick up a book in mid-series)–because I have read all the others. 

This is a really good mystery book with lots of interesting information about the Shetlands. It is well worth listening to, but it does give away a bit of information that would be a spoiler for the 4th book in the series.

    I highly recommend it–with only that consideration. It is well worth listening to–the narration is quite good. Kenny Blyth had a strong Scot’s accent–but not in a way that made it hard for (this American) to understand, as can be the case sometimes.

    Review by Mb4pax:

    Another murder mystery set in Shetland filled with the lives of those involved. Jimmy Perez, homicide detective, grieves deeply and seems unable to focus on his job or any part of his life but caring for his 7-year-old “stepdaughter.” Inexorably he is pulled into investigating two murders and, thus, pulled back into living.

    With clear, evocative prose Ms Cleeves describes Jimmy’s pain through his own thoughts and behavior as well as his colleagues reactions to him. However sad his grief, the story was not dragged down by it but was moved along just as Jimmy was moved along by the story.

    As usual Ms Cleeves’ mystery was intriguing catching me fully. And as usual, Ms Cleeves’ Shetland personalities kept me captive — a great and spot on sense of people and place. Read this — borrow it or buy it, but read it if you like mysteries and engaging characters.