Dead Man’s Justice by Gregory Stenson

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    A race against time, a killer, unexpected twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole fast paced journey

    : DEAD MAN’S JUSTICE is a sequel to the first Stone & Mcleish thriller, The Seventh Island.

    After surviving stalking and terror on the beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Stone has returned home to New York where he knew he would be safe.
    His first duty was to attend a funeral but he’s arrested for murder, not once, three times. Evil follows him and threatens his family.
    The game is survival.

    About Gregory Stenson:

    41mBRWmuJVL._UX250_I live part of the year in Nottingham, UK and part in Trinidad, in the Caribbean.
    After working around the world for many years I have decided to write full time and put my recent experiences from living in the Caribbean for four years on paper. I had quite an eventful time there and have enough material for several books.

    Review by Alice L. Kent:

    Dead Man’s Justiceis the first book I have read by Gregory Stenson and I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery/thriller that has lot’s of action. Mr. Stenson had me hooked from the 1st chapter right up to the end of the story.

    This story is about Stone and his long time buddy Mac and they will do whatever it takes to clear Stone of being charged with a murder he did not commit. Stone is being set up and now must try to prove that getting off the “guilty list” he must do whatever it takes to stay alive and prove that he is not guilty.

    Gregory definitely has the talent to keep his readers engrossed through out the entire story with no fluff fillers added, with lots of exciting twists, turns, action, me wondering what Mac and Stone will be up to next and me saying “yikes” – that had to hurt like heck and that will leave a mark for sure action. Stone and Mac’s – let’s go get em’ attitudes enhanced the excitement throughout this story and it certainly takes you on a wild ride.

    Gregory’s descriptions were well defined and there are a lot of characters and places in this story yet they flowed perfectly for me.

    Amazon Review:

    Dead Man’s Justice is the sequel to Seventh Island. I really loved the first book and just had to download this one too! I was so excited by this book!

    As I turned each page I could not wait to turn the next, this really had me sitting on the edge of my seat… Stone is wrongly arrested for murder, everything is stacked against him once again. Having left Trinidad for New York he thought life would be easier. Stone could not have been more wrong.

    He sets himself the challenge of bringing the true killer to justice. Until this has been achieved his life will be a living nightmare. His hopes of spending more time with his loved ones are dashed. His life remains at risk, and those he loves too. A race against time, a killer, unexpected twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole fast paced journey! I urge you to download the first book in this series too…

    You will not be disappointed! Gregory Stenson is a very talented author. I will most definitely be buying his next book. In fact I will be waiting with great anticipation. Well done to the author.