Dark Lava by Toby Neal

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    Toby’s books never fail to deliver everything she promises.

    Maui is sacred places, ancient artifacts, and the dark lava of deepest passions.

    Nothing ever goes easy for detectives Lei Texeira and Michael Stevens. An investigation into heiau desecrations must take a back seat to the emergence of an enemy who targets those closest to them, leaving shrouds as a calling card.

    Lei and Stevens face challenges of the body, mind and heart in this seventh in the bestselling Lei Crime Series.

    About Toby Neal:

    Toby-Neal-Bio-Media-Kit-2Toby Neal was raised on Kauai in Hawaii. She wrote and illustrated her first story at age 5 and has been published in magazines and won several writing contests. After initially majoring in Journalism, she eventually settled on mental health as a career and loves her work, saying, “I’m endlessly fascinated with people’s stories.”

    She enjoys many outdoor sports including bodyboarding, scuba diving, beach walking, gardening and hiking. She lives in Hawaii with her family and dogs.

    Toby credits her counseling background in adding depth to her characters-from the villains to Lei Texeira, the courageous and vulnerable heroine in Dark Lava. 

    Review by Vicki L. Saddlemire: Awesome!! Toby Neal’s latest book, Dark Lava, has quickly become my favorite of the Lei Crime Series. I love them all, but this one had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end.

    Lei and her new husband, Lieutenant Michael Stevens continue to face adversities in their marriage as well as trying to rid Maui of thiefs trying to steal priceless Hawaiian artifacts. It was great to see Stevens in action when he begins the story leading a major crime, as well as being deeply involved in a much closer tragedy.

    I love the way these characters grow and we are able to follow the old friends and clear up old questions from the past. Toby’s books never fail to deliver everything she promises.

    Review by Ron Logan: Someone is stealing priceless ancient rock carvings from sacred Hawaiian cultural heritage spots – and the citizens aren’t waiting around for the police to catch the thieves. Who would deface the heiau, and why?

    Tensions are high between the police and the angrily enflamed vigilantes – will blood be spilt? Will Maui Police Lieutenant Michael Stevens solve the crime before civil unrest erupts on the island? How will Lei Texeira’s new posting with the bomb squad work into the case?

    The newly-married couple have a lot going on at work, at home, and within their extended family – and it could all blow up at any minute!

    Another great novel in the Lei Crime Series by author Toby Neal – the seventh, not counting the two equally engrossing “companion novels” that follow other characters within her stories. Toby writes excellent, tight prose, with engaging dialog.

    The characters are all richly infused with both admirable traits and believable troubles and foibles, driven in no small part by Toby’s career as a counselor.

    The plot runs at an eager pace, with each chapter leaving you wanting to read just one more — you might not even be able to put it down. Just be sure to have a box of tissues handy with this one!