Dark Continent Continental by Sara Marie Hogg

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    What a fascinating story. The premise itself is unusual: people dropping dead, their brains completely disappeared. You can’t get creepier than that.

    Ace homicide detectives Angus Carlyle and Kerry ‘Skeeter’ Sherwood find themselves ankle deep in bodies, once again–bodies that are missing important elements–and they must travel to the Dark Continent to get some answers.”

    Note: The brains are the important elements that are missing, but I don’t want to give that away in the log line. As the story evolves, things besides brains might be also missing–not apparent on the outside of the body–no marks.

    About Sara Marie Hogg:

    959c34cc44ad0a7e9d9ac2.L._V397079904_-1Sara Marie Hogg is an Ozarks Mountain woman, an artist, who uses what spare time she has to write. She illustrates much of her work in pen and ink, pastels, oil and acrylic. Her first publication was a volume of poetry, Dark Shadings, Spattered Light.

    She recently published a second volume of poetry with a few encore poems from her first. Multiple Exposures (eBook ISBN 9781452321226) was the WINNER in 2012 Global eBooks, poetry Category. Her volume of short fiction, Blade Chatter, was also written under the pseudonym of Pairalee Pendleton (eBook ISBN 9781452319513). It was a finalist in Global eBook Awards, 2011 in two categories: illustration (2nd Place) and short fiction (2nd Place). Mumbledypeg,

    On Call is an interactive children’s book (eBook ISBN 9781452391229). Nerd on Cloud Nine is a poignant coming-of-age story that was written under the pseudonym Effie Mugslowe (eBook ISBN 9781452395920).

    Her own personal favorite is Catho Darlington–Lessons Learned in the Space Age, a novel about her beloved Ozarks Mountains and children growing up there in the 1950s. A strange, paranormal fantasy novel was written under a pseudonym in 2009.

    Review by B. Martin:

    What a fascinating story. The premise itself is unusual: people dropping dead, their brains completely disappeared. You can’t get creepier than that. Loved the settings, too. Sara Hogg does a wonderful job describing the African landscape.

    There were times I felt like I was really there. The best part, though, is the interaction between Skeeter and Angus. They have a natural chemistry that makes you want to read on. The banter between them is priceless.

    Review by Linda McKinney:

    You’ll love this one folks ! Yikes ! How does one’s brain go missing and who took it.

    Review by Phoebe Stogstill:

    Explanation: A Detective Thriller–Dark Continent Continental is the second in the Covalent Bond Series featuring Angus Carlyle and Skeeter Sherwood.

    The Scavenger’s Song is detective thriller number one. The last in the series is Gris Gris, set in New Orleans.

    All of these detective thrillers have many of the same cast members: two reliable buddies on the force, Dave and Justy, a tough captain, Captain Tyrone Sullivan, an elderly psychic, Laroux Dimitri, a pesky newspaper reporter, Blackie Sparks, an off-beat medical examiner, Dr. LeBraun and his quirky assistant, Bill and Inspector Padilla, a Mexican contact in Nuevo Laredo.

    All of the novels involve strange medical/anatomical angles. The two cops cannot do their work by standard procedure, they often blur the lines, but they get results. They also cannot contain themselves to their own jurisdiction.

    Though the crimes they are solving are related to their Austin, Texas locale, they often find themselves traveling great distances to solve them, including New Orleans, England and even Equatorial Africa.

    They also often find themselves getting maimed or almost killed in the process. In a word, their world is macabre.