Conspiracy of Lies by Caleb Pirtle III

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    Caleb Pirtle’s imagination comes from a place most writers have never visited.

    IT WAS THE RACE for the bomb.

    America was at war a long way from home.

    Hitler’s war machine was storming across Europe.

    Russia feared the German threat and secretly wanted to become a world power, more feared than it already was.

    All three nations knew that whoever split the atom and developed the Atomic Bomb first would rule the world.

    A stealth operation within the U. S. Government dispatched their man with no memory to Los Alamos where physicists, chemists, and scholars were frantically trying to build the bomb. Ambrose Lincoln was himself a human experiment, a man whose mind had been erased by electronic shock treatments because the rogue operation believed he could be more effective if he wasn’t shackled by fears and memories of the past. It would be his duty to uncover and silence those who were stealing America’s most vital secrets and selling them to Russia and Germany.

    If he fails the United States might well lose the war, and Lincoln finds himself embedded in a conspiracy of lies where nothing is as it seems to be.

    About Caleb Pirtle III:

    ???????????????????????????????Caleb Pirtle III is the author of more than 60 published books, including two new suspense thrillers, “Secrets of the Dead” and “Golgotha Connection,” as well as “Wicked Little Lies.” He has written such award winners as “XIT: The American Cowboy,” “Callaway Gardens: the Unending Season,” “The Grandest Day,” “Echoes from Forgotten Streets,” and “Spirit of a Winner”.

    He earned a journalism degree from The University of Texas and became the first student at the university to win the national William Randolph Hearst Award for feature writing. As a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Pirtle received both the Texas Headliner’s and Associated Press Awards.

    He served as travel editor for Southern Living Magazine, and his travel writing was given the National Discover America Award three times. For more than two decades, Pirtle was editorial director for a custom publishing company in Dallas.

    He has written three teleplays for network television, including “Gambler 5: Playing for Keeps,” a mini-series for CBS and “The Texas Rangers” for John Milius and TNT. Because of the success of the CBS mini-series, Pirtle was asked to write two novels, “Jokers Are Wild” and “Dead Man’s Hand” for Berkeley. His blogs appear regularly on

    Review by Stephen Woodfin:

    In Candide, Voltaire demeaned the notion that we should all “tend our private gardens.”

    As a race, however, humans disregard the French philosopher’s advice on every hand.

    To our peril.

    Those of us living in the post-nuclear world, the world after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are hard pressed to imagine a time when wars were decided, the fate of the world crystallized, according to a nation’s stockpile of guns and bullets.

    With the coming of the atomic bomb, the tenets of power as they had existed in all prior years went out the window.

    It came down to one question:

    Who would get the bomb first?

    The answer was  multiple choice with only three possibilities: the Germans, the Russians, or the Americans.

    Using this historical backdrop where the stakes were the highest the world had ever known, Caleb Pirtle in Conspiracy of Lies crafts a marvelous, terrifying story about the behind scenes intrigue surrounding the development of the bomb in a remote hamlet of New Mexico known as Los Alamos.

    Los Alamos is only a stone’s throw from Santa Fe. So it is no surprise that the spies, government operatives and scientists would journey to that beautiful, ancient city for R&R.

    And treason and espionage.

    Although I first came to learn Caleb’s book as he presented it in serial form on the pages of Caleb and Linda Pirtle, I did not really get to feel the terror of the moment he describes until I had the privilege of narrating it as an audiobook.