Chewing Rocks by Alan Black

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    Entangled in corporate conspiracies, piracy, kidnapping, murder and worst of all…politics.

    Chastity Snowden Whyte just wanted to mine for rocks, metal and ice in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Rock mining in space was all she knew.

    It was all she was good at doing. She was comfortable living alone as the captain of her mining ship the Sedona. Normally she managed with only infrequent trips to the planetoid Ceres for resupply.

    She didn’t want to have to make extra trips back to base because of equipment failure. She didn’t want to become a mining tutor for a group of newcomers from Earth. And she certainly didn’t want to get entangled in corporate conspiracies, piracy, kidnapping, murder and worst of all…politics.

    About the Author:

    Alan Black
    Alan Black

    Alan Black has been writing novels since 1997 when he started Eye on The Prize. His writing tastes are as eclectic as his reading preferences. Alan admits that he loves writing much more than editing and the whole publishing process. Marketing of his work leaves him as baffled as the whole string theory thing.

    Alan was born in central Kansas, but grew up in Gladstone, Missouri, graduating from Oak Park Senior High School and eventually earning a degree from Longview Community college. He spent most of his adult life in the Kansas City area (with the exception of a few years in the U.S. Air Force), but he and his wife now live in sunny Arizona. He says the dry desert air stimulates his creativity more than the juicy air in Missouri (pronounced here as ‘misery’).

    His desire to write started in the second grade. He was given an assignment to write a short story about Greek mythology. His teacher took the time to call his parents. Although neither his father nor his mother remember the incident, it had an impact on him eventually leading him to finally write (and most importantly finish) his first manuscript. It took two years to complete ‘Eye on The Prize’. He has gotten faster since then, completing the last manuscript in three weeks.

    Review by James Paddock:

    Chastity Snowden Whyte had gotten into too much trouble trying to defend her name and so started going by Sno. What a great name. Sno! Isn’t that a weather condition, people ask when first introduced to her, many of whom have never seen snow, being born somewhere off planet, planet Earth, that is? Sno, herself, had only heard stories of snow, having been born on a planetoid somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

    in the opening chapter, Alan Black paints an out-of-this-world picture of young Sno busy outside her spacecraft in her EVA suit, by herself, mining asteroids for rock and hopefully, a rare metal or two. When she returns to her home base in Arizona City on a small planetoid called, Ceres, she gets in a barroom scrap with 4 fellow miners from a competing operation. Without harming so much as a fingernail, she puts them in their place and then shortly after blasts off into the asteroid belt again to work a claim.

    It’s what happens when they chase after her that makes Chewing Rocks so much fun to read. Great action, wonderful word visuals of the planetoid city, the spaceships and the mining operations along with a multitude of colorful characters made Chewing Rocks hard to walk away from.

    When I got to the arbitration scenes with Therese Cleasemount, I just simply couldn’t put my iPad down; actually found myself chuckling now and then. I think maybe our justice system could learn a little bit from Miss Cleasemount.

    Chewing Rocks was simply a joy to read. I look forward to reading more about Chasity Snowden (Sno) Whyte.