Carson Chance P. I. by N. E. Brown

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    In Carson Chance P. I., N. E. Brown tells a harrowing tale that is the stuff of unforgettable novels. Give the works of N. E. Brown a chance. You’ll be glad you did.

    The 1960s were full of hippies, hitchhiking, drugs, and war. Carson Chance, a 24-year-old Vietnam War veteran, returns home to Dallas without a college degree and with an injured leg.

    By chance, he is offered a position at a small private investigating company.

    His life is interrupted when he is cruising on his motorcycle on the interstate and stops to pick up a ravishing brunette looking for a ride. Amy Warren is younger than she looks and tugs at Carson’s heart when he finds she has run a-way from home.

    He offers her a place to sleep for the night but she is determined not to leave and becomes his roommate; Amy fuels the fire that burns within him and the sparks begin to fly.

    The arrangement works for a while until Carson decides to investigate her past, uncovering a mask of lies and deception. Wanted for murdering her stepfather, she is a fugitive from the law.

    The story takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride through several years of their traumatic relationship, where two dysfunctional people try to survive during a dysfunctional time. They were like two pages ripped from the same book, only he doesn’t know it.

    Review by Patricia J. La Vigne:

    N. E. Brown
    N. E. Brown

    During the Vietnam War of the 1960’s, Carson Chance returns to the United States after his discharge from military service. Unfortunately, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has now become a demon he must battle.

    While riding his motorcycle from Louisiana to his home in Dallas, TX, he meets a young hitchhiker named Amy, who has run away from an abusive homelife.. She persuades him to let her come to Dallas with him. Over the months, Amy begins to realize she is very much in love with Carson, but he will not allow himself to commit to a serious relationship.

    Nancy Brown leads the reader through a myriad of situations, including personal conflicts of the characters, two murders, incarceration of an innocent victim, the effect of the death of a dear friend on Amy, and the emotional tug-of-war Amy and Carson endure as each tries to put order into their lives. The reader is kept guessing for only at the end will resolution occur. The question is for whom will it favor?

    Review by Caleb Pirtle:

    He was in the midst of a troubled and turbulent time, and it sometimes seemed that trouble dogged his every footstep. The nation had been rocked and torn apart by drugs, riots in the street, and the Vietnam War. Carson Chance’s own personal experiences as a soldier in the bitter conflict had left him haunted by nightmares and a desperate effort to survive as a personal investigator on the mean streets of Dallas. Would life ever be the same again? He doubted it. But fate intervened. Almost by accident, he meets Amy Warren hitchhiking along the side of the road. He offers her a lift. It’s the decent thing to do.

    But he is alone. And so is she. He soon realizes she may be the missing piece in his life. But Amy is on the run. She doesn’t want to be found. The law wants to convict Amy of murder. But is she guilty? Carson Chance is determined to battle all odds to prove her innocence and does. She’s free at last. And he is passionately in love with her. But Amy walks away from his life, and his memories of her only become entangled in his own nightmares.

    N. E. Brown is one of the best historical fiction writers I’ve read. She’s just as good writing romance, although I presume that the Vietnam War era is now regarded as historical fiction as well. She understands people. She knows how to write the pain and frustration of a wayward love that is always just beyond the grasp or a tormented young man. Distance has separated Carson and Amy. But can it keep them apart? Will they ever have a lasting relationship? Or will the Mafia drive a wedge between them forever? Will death end all chances for love to ever find them and keep them together?

    In Carson Chance P. I., N. E. Brown tells a harrowing tale that is the stuff of unforgettable novels. Give the works of N. E. Brown a chance. You’ll be glad you did.