Carried Forward by Hope by Ginny Dye

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    Love, passion, romance, hate, despair, cruelty and happiness will rip through you while reading this wonderfully written book.

    America struggles to rebuild in the aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination. Promises will be broken, and everyone you have grown to love will be asked to pay a high price to make freedom for the slaves more than just a mockery.

    Robert fights to emerge from the darkness as Carrie risks everything to bring him back to her.

    Moses is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, while Rose returns to her roots with a dream that will change everything.

    Matthew is caught up in the worst maritime disaster in American history, while Jeremy discovers the cost of embracing his true heritage.

    Thomas and Abby are surprised by a future they never dreamed was possible.

    Volume #6 of The Bregdan Chronicles continues the sweeping historical saga that now encompasses the first year of Reconstruction following the Civil War.

    Review by Amazon Customer:

    Ginny Dye
    Ginny Dye

    Ginny Dye has completely captured my loyalty to the Bregdan Chronicles. The characters feel like family and friends. Perspectives showing both the Southern loyalists’ views and the slaves’ views provide a thorough, balanced look at the unbelievably trying times of the Civil War.

    Most of all, the wisdom of forgiveness woven throughout the series is inspiring and uplifting. Ginny’s research and family history have both provided a fertile soil for the Bregdan Chronicles and I can’t wait for the next book to add additional understanding of the period following the war.

    Thank you, Ginny Dye.

    Review by Monica McDaniel:

    Carried Forward By Hope, Book 6 of The Bregdan Chronicles series, by Ginny Dye begins with the ending of the Civil war in America and the soldiers returning home to find their families. It is the year 1865.

    After the war ended the beloved President Lincoln freed the slaves in the south and had great plans to move the country forward. Unfortunately the great president was assassinated and suddenly the people acquired a new president to take his place. It didn’t take long before the people realized this president didn’t have the same ideals as their past leader and the country would have a difficult time in trying to heal.

    Ginny Dye is a great historian and story teller. I love her characters in this book. I feel like a part of their family and want them to thrive and achieve their goals of reconstructing their lives and help the freedmen and people of the south that were defeated after the war. I have learned how people must have felt going through the hard times of despair and pain, mentally, as well as physically.

    This is a story of people, men and women, black and white, northerners and southerners. This was a time when freedmen wanted their rights and women wanted to vote and the haters of course making this virtually impossible. Love, passion, romance, hate, despair, cruelty and happiness will rip through you while reading this wonderfully written book.

    I suggest you get a copy of the first books in this series. I am looking forward to book #7 (Glimmers of Change)!