Carnival of Stone by Rob Blackwell

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    Carnival of Stone had me enthralled, and had a wonderful blend of humor along with the action and frights.

    When a small town is under siege from a horrific monster, only one man can help…

    Supernatural investigator Soren Chase is having a rough day. He narrowly avoids being murdered by a pair of trigger-happy leprechauns (yes, leprechauns) before taking a case to investigate the disappearance of a graduate student in the mountains of Virginia.

    But when Soren arrives in the normally sleepy hamlet of Hilltop, he finds the situation is far worse than he imagined. He’s up against a creature unlike anything he’s encountered before and it will take all his skills–and working with an unlikely ally–to survive.

    Carnival of Stone is a stand-alone novella in the Soren Chase series that can be enjoyed by any reader who loves urban fantasy, mystery and suspense.

    Review by Amazon Customer:

    Rob Blackwell
    Rob Blackwell

    This book takes place between the events of Closed at Dark and The Forest of Forever and we get to see a little more of Soren’s background as well as how Glen ends up working for Siren. This book starts out differently from the first two, which from the first page start to build to suspense and horror of the book, it actually starts out with humor making which was an interesting change of pace bout one that I found I liked.

    This is not to say that the spine-tingling chills that I have come to expect from this book series is not present, in fact it hits when you least expect it as Soren lesions to a voice main sent to Glen for the first time. This book keeps you guessing on just who the real bad guys are and just who let a Gorgon louse on a town. I love that we get to see more sings of just what Soren in, I won’t say for those who haven’t read The Forest of Forever, and I’m more curious to know just what Glen and his “uncle” are up to and more importantly what they know.

    This series is one of the few that can balance the freaking out its readers with the laugh out pound humor that can be found in every book. You have to give these books a try and while you can read them in any order the official time line is this Closed at Dark, Carnival of Stone, and The Forest of Forever. I read them out of order The Forest of Forever, Closed at Dark and then Carnival of Stone. I do recommend that no matter what order you read these books that you go back through Closed at Dark and Carnival of Stone after reading The Forest of Forever because after finding out just what Soren Chase truly is its interesting to see all the warning sings that now seem so obvious. I will give a hint for those who have not read The Forest of Forever yet, I did not see it coming, what Siren Chase is was a shocker.

    Review by Nicole:

    Rob Blackwell quickly became one of my favourite authors with his Sanheim Chronicles trilogy, each of which had me gripped from start to finish. So when this new series featuring Soren Chase came out I was hoping for more of the same, and he has certainly delivered.

    Carnival of Stone had me enthralled, and had a wonderful blend of humor along with the action and frights. We get to see a lot more of Soren’s back story here, along with a lot of other plots tantalisingly being revealed. It has been left open at the end for the next book, which I am anxiously waiting for,

    I need to know what happens next! I would really recommend this series for anyone looking for a fantastic new series to read, and some really brilliant supernatural takes on a ‘who dunnit’.