Cadillac River by Jeff Napolitano

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    Jeff Napolitano has crafted an exceptional story of love, death and family that will please fans of suspense thrillers.

    When the kids grow up, you never know what they’ll become.

    With a father’s influence from the mob, it only made sense to do something to protect his only friends. Especially an innocent girl. A girl he loved.

    Now, six years later and all grown up, after serving time for a crime that he felt was right, he wanted to see her again. But she had other plans for his mysterious life.

    About Jeff Napolitano:

    Jeff Napolitano
    Jeff Napolitano

    As a former teacher in education for over a decade, Napolitano captured stories of the damaged children of missing love and no protection. He mixed that with his roots and children’s powerless dreams and wrote about imaginary people who could fix things.

    The Cadillac River series started with troubled kids, and continued along their paths as less fortunate adults. The story continues when they confess their sins on River Road. Those sins always go back to their childhood and the parents who made those sins a reality.

    This series is filled with heart and a lot of pain to go with it. “The first book is tough because you’re reading words centered around a child’s mind. River Road is a good book to start with, and Cadillac River makes more sense when you go back to reveal the children’s roots and why they are the way they are.”

    A story that developed over a period of twenty years, having a heart strong enough to tell it was the key. Now, after holding onto it for so long, it was hurting more inside to keep it than it was to let it go. The story is fictional, yet comes from true places.

    Recent books by Jeff Napolitano also include the new release of Insanity Corps, based on the world and the rules we must follow and the unnecessary greed and values we place on things.

    Also released this year on Amazon’s Video on Demand is the indie feature film, Real Death on the Screen, the documentary of an actor’s recollections after being kidnapped, also directed by Jeff Napolitano.

    Review by sleepy_mommy: Christian has loved Emily his entire life, when he was twelve he was locked away away in a treatment facility after he killed her abusive father to save her.

    But that was six years ago and now Christian, at eighteen years of age, is being released. Now he can go home, find his girl and start his life again.

    For Christian, the last six years have been a pause button on his life. Unfortunately for everyone else, those six years have brought changes and Christian’s return will have repercussions for them all.

    Jeff Napolitano has crafted an exceptional story of love, death and family that will please fans of suspense thrillers. With a cast of well written and completely believable characters, the story moves at a great pace and is full of twists that will keep you guessing until the last page.
    Simply put, Cadillac River is brilliant.

    Review by Joyce Metzger: True love knows no bounds. Christian Cosentino killed Emily’s abusive father to save her, when Christian was only twelve. He is locked away, then released after six years, to return home. His life had been on hold. Now, he can claim his true love. But, time marches forward. People, things, and events were not as he remembered, certainly not as they had been before.

    Christian’s family harbors darkly forbidden-to-be-told secrets. They live with violence, drama and death. After having been manipulated into committing murder, all assume that Christian will fall in line. That he will help his mob oriented family to kill again. Quickly, he is sucked deeper into the mire. He is pushed closer toward the crumbling edge of complete disaster. Their horrible intentions have twisted already gnarled lives. Severe repercussions are inevitable. Delusions exist. Disillusion rises. Christian’s awareness grows as old blunder attachments fall. Suspense builds.

    Emily’s plans had never included Christian. Another must be killed. And, Emily could easily become a victim. Drama reveals the ugly underbelly of brainwashed mob families. Emily was always beguiling and manipulative. Her temptress spells have seduced and lured forbidden fruit. Christian cannot trust authority, but, can he, should he, trust Emily, or his family? He is trapped inside the centre of a three ring circus. His life lessons are being learned the hard way.

    This is well written suspense. I have enjoyed Cadillac River.