Cadaver Blues by J. E. Fishman

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    A fascinating cast of unique characters

    WHEN SMOKING-HOT Mindy Eider walks into the office with a foreclosure notice directed to her elderly Uncle Gunnar, cynical debt man Phuoc Goldberg at first sees her as little more than the source of this month’s rent payment.

    But Phu soon learns that Uncle Gunnar’s problems run deeper and darker than the money he owes. The niece can’t find him, suspicious characters lurk everywhere, and a sleazy bank has alarming designs on the old man’s little house.

    Beguiled by Mindy’s beauty and innocence—not to mention her breasts—Phu gets sucked further into playing detective with each passing unpaid hour, venturing from a small town near Wilmington, Delaware, to the snow-choked Pocono Mountains to dank mushroom farms closer to home.

    Before long he’s seeking much more than debt relief for Mindy’s wayward uncle. To everyone’s surprise, the debt man won’t end this fiasco looking for cash relief, but for cadavers.

     About J. E. Fishman: 

    J.E. Fishman is the Amazon-bestselling author of three critically acclaimed novels: the science thriller PRIMACY, the wisecracking mystery CADAVER BLUES: A Phuoc Goldberg Fiasco, and the financial thriller THE DARK POOL.

    His police thrillers under the heading Bomb Squad NYC are the first series based upon the heroism of the NYPD Bomb Squad, the nation’s oldest, busiest and most technologically sophisticated unit of its kind. With technical advice provided by NYPD Bomb Squad Commander Lt. Mark Torre, the series begins with A DANGER TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS, followed by DEATH MARCH, THE LONG BLACK HAND, BLAST FROM THE PAST, and BOTTLE ROCKET.

    A former Doubleday editor, Fishman also occasionally blogs for The Nervous Breakdown and the Huffington Post. He divides his time between Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and New York City.

    Review by Stephen Woodfin: Let me just get this out of the way right up front.  Cadaver Blues is a piece of virtuoso writing. It is the first of J.E. Fishman’s books that I have had the pleasure of reading. It won’t be the last.

    From Fishman’s author page on Amazon, we get this snippet about him and his book.

    J.E. Fishman grew up on Long Island, N.Y., and received a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Tufts University in Boston. A long-time resident of New York City and Westchester County, he now lives mostly in the Brandywine Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania, America’s mushroom farming capital and the backdrop to his novelCadaver Blues (StoneGate Ink, Oct. 2012). CADAVER BLUES is a wisecracking mystery that follows debt man Phuoc Goldberg as he becomes seduced by the beautiful niece of a man who has disappeared and whose house is slated for foreclosure. Before long, Phu isn’t just looking for cash relief, but for cadavers.

    Cadaver Blues is not the same old same old suspense, mystery thriller.  It pushes the envelope. Phouc Goldberg (that’s Phu to you) is an unlikely hero, as all good heroes must be. He is a street-wise, smart ass, hot dog and pastry eating kid, who just happens to have a big heart hidden under layers of denial. His day job is helping people who are upside down financially make the best of terrible situations, for a price, of course. He is a compassionate cynic.

    The thing that grabbed me about the book from its first pages was Fishman’s fluency of language, language which conjured up thoughts of John Updike and his character Rabbit Angstrom.  But the prose of Cadaver Blues is more accessible than Updike’s, more of a young vibe, which has yet to succumb to the demoralizing pressures of a dog-eat-dog world.