Broken Wings by D. G. Torrens

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    Kudos to Author D.G. Torrens for combining both fact and fiction to capture the hearts of both the young adult and the young at heart with this touching romance novel.

    Two people who have both suffered tragic losses in their young life; both of them avoiding love for completely different reasons. Joshua, a soldier in the British Army, a bomb disposal expert and the very best at what he does. Angelina, an editor for a local newspaper and writer in her spare time. Both of them focused on their careers.
    Brought together unexpectedly, they fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with one another. All is perfect in their lives until Joshua is unexpectedly posted to Afghanistan for six months. Angelina’s worst fears are finally realized. Joshua has to go, it’s his duty as a soldier, but the pull in his heart is strong and he leaves her behind with a heavy heart.
    Angelina is devastated and prays for his safe return. Until one day, a few weeks into Joshua’s deployment, there is a knock on her door that changes her life forever.

    About D. G. Torrens:

    D. G. Torrens
    D. G. Torrens

    D.G. Torrens is the author of ten books, which she has written and published over the past three years with a toddler in tow! D.G. Torrens currently lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom with her husband and five-year-old daughter.

    The author is also a member of RABMAD, “Read a book make a difference” where a group of like-minded authors donate a percentage of their sales to their chosen charity.

    The author is currently penning her 1lth novel, A Soldier’s Fear.

    Review by The Happy Reader:

    I loved this book! Broken Wings is a wonderful, emotional story about a woman, Angelina, who meets a British solider, Joshua, and despite the fact that he’s about to go back on duty overseas, they fall head-over-heels in love. However, when Joshua discovers he’s being sent to Afghanistan as a bomb disposal expert, all Angelina can do is hope that he comes home safe.

    This story had all the elements of a great romance: lots of passion, heartache and tension. In addition, the author dealt extremely well with the loss and difficulties that come with war, both those going to war and those left behind. I especially liked the love letters that were written by the hero and heroine while he was away on duty.

    If you’re looking for a great romance story, I would highly recommend Broken Wings!

    Review by Doloes Ayotte:

    For anyone looking for an easy-to-read and hard to put down romance novel then “Broken Wings” fits the bill. Talented Author D.G. Torrens captivates her reading audience with a love story based on a fictional romance with a lot of heart wrenching facts about the perils of war thrown in to make the story line more credible.

    Angelina, an editor for a local newspaper as well as an aspiring writer, decides she will never fall in love again. With a sad family background, she moves to a small town to escape the reality of that situation and later falls in love and becomes engaged to Daniel. Unfortunately, they are in a car accident involving drinking and driving and Daniel doesn’t survive. Angelina spirals into despair and with the help of her wonderful friend Lucy, she eventually manages to get back on her feet.

    Joshua is a British Bomb Expert who has seen his fair share of war, injury, and untimely deaths. After losing one of his closest friends to the ravages of warfare…and also constantly witnessing the devastating effects on loved ones due to loss or injury, he too, decides to avoid falling in love until his tour of duty is over. He is presently enjoying two weeks leave from his dangerous job of defusing bombs.

    When Angelina’s car breaks down by the side of the road, Joshua offers her a lift home which she eagerly accepts. This chance meeting leads into another one when their paths cross again at a social event. It is basically love at first sight and against what either of them initially wanted, they cannot deny these wonderful feelings. Joshua is soon to be deployed to a peace keeping mission in Sierra Leone for twelve weeks. Joshua and Angelina exchange love letters and their relationship flourishes across the miles. All goes well upon his return and he and Angelina take up where they left off by swearing there love and devotion to each other.

    However…then comes the news of his 6 month deployment to war torn Afghanistan. This is when the plot thickens and the unthinkable occurs. It’s well worth reading “Broken Angels” to discover the full story and to learn exactly how this love story unfolds. Kudos to Author D.G. Torrens for combining both fact and fiction to capture the hearts of both the young adult and the young at heart with this touching romance novel.