Bodie by Anne Sweazy-Kuiju

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     It’s mysterious, dark, ominous, it breathes history.

    Bad Whiskey, Bad Weather, Bad Men…

    In the western gold mining town of Bodie, a violent history, circa 1879, is the one thing that just will not die. Alternately, a dangerous conspiracy among villainous men and a wicked woman seems to be the one thing that endured.

    Bodie is a story that takes place in both the 1870’s and the 1990’s, with many characters intertwined in time and place. Two orphaned sisters who share a psychic dream (and a host of abandonment issues) have one foot in each century—until a past-life regression bridges the gap. Rebirthed are a century-old love story, a murder mystery one hundred years standing, and a political conspiracy that transcends time. The regression therapist looks into publishing the girls’ case. She relies on a college mentor with old-money family ties to gold mines in the California desert. Through the mentor, a mining executive hears of the pending publication and aims to shut it, the therapist and the sisters, down.

    Lainy and Lara are survivors. They endured foster care and all of its horrors, although the experience left them feeling incomplete and disconnected; they hunger for knowledge of the people they came from. Encouraged by the therapist to explore their dreams further, the girls go sightseeing in the town of Bodie, today a California state park. The more they sightsee, the more they unearth of Bodie’s long-buried secrets… and the more danger they encounter. Did bad whiskey, bad weather and bad men cause the demise of Bodie and her ten thousand denizens? The sisters suspect the bulk of Bodie’s troubles may have been due to something else, entirely… and they learn soon enough that Bodie’s bad men might not all be dead.

    One more thing, “BODIE” is an historical-fiction adventure, based on a true story–the author’s own! Get into “BODIE” today. Assuming you live on, what interesting past, could you dig up?

    Review by M’s Bookshelf:

    Anne Sweazy Kuiju
    Anne Sweazy-Kuiju

    Where to begin… Let’s start by saying I absolutely loved this book. The story captivates you from the very first page and it haunts you until you’ve unraveled the mystery that is “Bodie” and the dream-connection; much like it is for the sisters themselves, who need to dig up all that history so they can put it to rest and find peace themselves. This story really has everything: it’s got history and modern day live (until those eventually blend together), it’s exciting, thrilling, scary at times but with a hint of romance. Perfect.

    I really loved the blend between history and present, both through the dream connection and in the relationships between those characters (both “then” and “now”), their plans, hopes, schemes,… History does seem to repeat itself, especially through human flaws and greed, but luckily also through love.

    Before this book, I had never really given much thought to past lives, destiny, dreams,… but this story really makes you reconsider; although you don’t have to believe it to enjoy this book: it captivates you no matter what.
    Last note: the book cover is perfect. It gave me chills, it’s mysterious, dark, ominous, it breathes history… It’s the ideal cover for this book.

    Review by Yankeelin: This story takes place in 1878 AND 1993 and the author has created some amazing and unique characters that intertwine in time and place. Personalities pop off the pages as Anne Sweazy-Kulju lets her incredible imagination take hold.

    It’s a western alternated with a current murder mystery, politcal cover-up,a love story and AND and two sisters that share a continuous psychic dream. They have a foot in each century and at the end of the book that gap is closed.
    Go ahead and make Lainey and Lara a part of your day…you’ll be glad you did.