Blood Vengeance

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    Fast-pace action and a great story line

    IN THE PIVOTAL NOVEL of the Matt Drake series, everything changes. Matt Drake’s team is torn apart around him. The President of the United States is abducted. America and the world sit before their TV screens, shuddering in disbelief as Washington DC itself comes under attack.

    The Blood King is back!

    The night has never been so dark, the dawn so far out of reach. Who will live and who will die? Mai Kitano’s long-lost parents are being held captive by her old clan in Tokyo. The stakes couldn’t be higher as she fights to save their lives.

    The SPEAR team struggle on through their own losses, battling through the Capitol’s nightmare streets to save the President until at last they are faced with an army of the Blood King’s men. They mount the battlements of a castle in Death Valley to make a last stand–determined to make the last good fight of their lives truly epic.

    About David Leadbeater:

    David Leadbeater is the International Bestselling author of the Matt Drake and Disavowed action/adventure novels, and the Chosen supernatural thriller trilogy.

    His NEW RELEASE- Blood Vengeance (Matt Drake 7) is out now! Part 8 – Last Man Standing – will be released June/July 2014.

    The Razor’s Edge (Disavowed #1)is the thrilling start to a brand new series. Part 2 – In Harm’s Way and Part 3 – Threat Level:Red are now available. He is currently writing Chosen part 2 and Matt Drake 8.

    The Matt Drake series should be read in the correct order as detailed below:

    1. The Bones of Odin
2. The Blood King Conspiracy
3. The Gates of Hell
4. The Tomb of the Gods
5. Brothers in Arms
6. The Swords of Babylon
7. Blood Vengeance – Out Now!
8. Last Man Standing – due June/July 2014

    The Disavowed series should be read as follows:

    1. The Razor’s Edge
2. In Harm’s Way
3. Threat Level: Red

    Review of Blood Vengeance:

    This book was the best, most exciting, disturbing and enjoyable book in the series. I knew at the end of the previous book that the next book (Blood Vengeance) was going to be exciting but after reading it, my expectations were nothing compared to what actually happened.

    A lot of books I have read (and liked) were really fun roller coaster rides but this was a ride I don’t know how to describe. It was almost non-stop action/destruction/mayhem (pick your own words for all hell breaking loose). At times it was disturbing but I couldn’t put the book down (actually the kindle).

    I couldn’t wait to see what kind of chaos was around the corner. At the end of the book I took a break from reading for a few days just to catch my breath! This was an awesome book!

    I don’t like to say much about the story but for those of you who have read the series and know the back story of Matt Drake’s pain, pay close attention to some of the details in this book. You may have an AHA moment!