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    Terry Tyler has an exquisite talent for creating fully rounded characters who leap off the page and become a part of your life.

    Three women, one dream: to become a successful author.

    Eden Taylor has made it—big time. A twenty-three year old with model girl looks and a book deal with a major publisher, she’s outselling the established names in her field and is fast becoming the darling of the media.

    Becky Hunter has money problems. Can she earn enough from her light-hearted romance novels to counteract boyfriend Alex’s extravagant spending habits, before their rocky world collapses?

    Hard up factory worker Jan Chilver sees writing as an escape from her troubled, lonely life. She is offered a lifeline—but fails to read the small print…

    In the competitive world of publishing, success can be merely a matter of who you know—and how ruthless you are prepared to be to get to the top

    BEST SELLER is a novella of 40k words (roughly half as long as an average length novel), a slightly dark, slightly edgy drama with a twist or three in the tale.

    Review by Roses are Amber:

    Terry Tyler
    Terry Tyler

    Best Seller is a contemporary tale about the publishing dreams of three women writers. They are all linked by their location, they live in and around Norfolk, UK and belong to the North Norfolk Novelists writers group, however their lives are totally different.

    Eden Taylor is just 23 and has already landed a three book publishing deal with Austen House a subsidiary of one of the Big 5. Bringing with it glitz and glamour of a busy publicity lifestyle.

    Becky Hunter is a self-published author of light romances and sales from her work trickle in enough to help out with household bills and little extras.

    Jan Chilver writes to escape a hard life, self-published as well, she lacks confidence and funds to create a kick-ass marketing platform needed to sell her work.

    As the story unfolds it becomes clear that everything is not as it would seem, all three have troubles as the reader is taken on a quick tour of the darker possible side of publishing. I enjoyed this book, but wanted it to go on much longer which is the sign of a really good read.

    Review by Shelley Wilson:

    Is the saying true, do we all have a book in us? Anyone who believes this, or has proved it to be true, will adore this novella.

    Terry Tyler has an exquisite talent for creating fully rounded characters who leap off the page and become a part of your life. Eden, Becky and Jan are three very different women, and yet they all share the same desire for writing. The author not only captures the emotions of her main characters well, but she taps into that secret pang of jealousy we’ve all felt towards a friend or colleagues success (go on, admit it!) with the members of the North Norfolk Novelist club.

    I love the way the lives of the three main characters are carefully interwoven and how the author portrays how easy it is for fortunes to be made and lives to be torn apart in a heartbeat.

    Terry Tyler packs a heartwarming punch in this novella, and I easily devoured it in one sitting. There is a gentle humour to this book that will raise a smile whether you are a cashier, sales rep or a ‘writerpreneur’. On the flip side, there is also the sensitive issue of depression, which is handled with expert care and attention.

    The twists will keep you hooked until the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and predict it to be the next Best Seller!