Becoming a Woman of Worth by Kristen Clark

Becoming a Woman of Worth by Kristen Clark Purchase:

    This is a practical handbook to teach anyone how to confront any situation, any person, any circumstance in a positive way, with total confidence and poise. 

    How do you feel about yourself most days? Do you feel confident, self-assured, empowered, and ready to tackle the world? Or do you feel less than, undeserving, ill-equipped, and insufficient?

    How we feel about ourselves plays a critical role in our overall success, and negative feelings can cause us to sell ourselves short and impede our ability to reach our highest potential.

    Thankfully, there is a solution. We can begin to change our minds about ourselves in an effort to become more confident in all areas of our lives. We can begin to see our value and worth by celebrating our natural and learned abilities and personal experiences.

    This book provides practical faith-based tips and tools you can start using immediately to develop an improved personal image and deeper belief in self in your effort to become a woman of worth.

    About the Author:

    Kristen Clark
    Kristen Clark

    Kristen Clark is an author, speaker, and confidence coach with a passion for celebrating a real Metamorphosis. She is the creator of, designed to help women develop confidence for increased personal success.  She is also the author of Becoming a Woman of Worth: Creating a More Confident You.  As an expert in developing and maintaining confidence for personal success, she speaks frequently on this topic. Additionally, her articles have appeared in numerous online journals and magazines, while her inspirational short stories have been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    Kristen also has 25 years of experience working in both Small Business and Corporate America, and a wealth of practical business knowledge. She has successfully held positions in Sales, Management, Strategy & Planning, Marketing, and Communication for a Fortune 50 Technology company.

    In her spare time, she embraces her love of poetry and photography, and enjoys life with her husband, Lawrence, and three cats. She lives in Houston, Texas.

    Review by Orville G. Brown:

    By the time I got to page 20 of this book, I was making a mental list of all the people I wanted to buy copies for. I didn’t really need it myself, you see, because I was already confident of my position as a daughter of the King. However, as I got further into it, I discovered areas of my life where I do need some work in recognizing my worth and establishing confidence.

    This is a practical handbook to teach anyone how to confront any situation, any person, any circumstance in a positive way, with total confidence and poise. It is based on sound Biblical doctrine. We are to be a light set on a hill, and one who follows the practical and lovingly put forth advice in Ms Clark’s book need no longer hide her light.

    I wholly recommend this book to anyone who needs a boost in self-esteem.

    Review by Barbara Arent: I wish Becoming a Woman of Worth had been available when I was facing divorce after 18 years of marriage. I have since come to realize I was in textbook depression with a non-existent self-worth. While reading the book, I often nodded my head in agreement with the author.

    Ms. Clark uses straight forward, no nonsense descriptions of the signs and side effects of low self-worth. At the end of each chapter are exercises designed to help you pick yourself up and become the person you desire to be. It has the touch of velvet in an iron glove. The chapters are short and well written. There is repetition throughout but this just drives home how low self-worth affects every area of one’s life.

    My advice is to read straight through and mark the parts where you exclaim ‘oh my’ or ‘ouch’. Then, review each section slowly looking up scripture references and doing the exercises listed at the chapter’s end.

    Well worth reading.