Bad Form by Liam Leddy

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    Nothing is what it seems. Especially not at the end!

    Glasgow crime journalist Lassiter back with even more twists, turns and many, many more surprises. Same shady friends on opposite sides of the law. When is a school not a school? When someone asks Lassiter to investigate it. That`s when.

    London and Glasgow gangsters,

    Murdered schoolteachers.

    Shady Policemen.
    Hagan under threat from London hit man?

    Why has an old enemy of his suddenly appeared back in Glasgow? The same old enemy who was seemingly involved in the murder of someone Hagan knew back in the sixties. Why is a tough housing scheme school so interesting to a top London politician?

    When Hagan`s family is threatened also the uneasy alliance between Glasgow`s criminals and the police resumes. Hold on tight. As usual with Lassiter nothing is what it seems. Especially not at the end!

    About Liam Leddy:

    liam-leddyAfter a successful twenty five year career as a salesman of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, I began writing in 2002 and joined writing classes. Six short story collections and two novels BODY LANGUAGE and BAD FORM are the result.

    Previously my work has attracted a great deal of local attention and has featured in the “Glasgow Tales” anthology published by Endpapers. I have featured in both local and national press and have had it featured on local television. I recently attended a Writers Guild ” Meet the T.V people event which was also extremely beneficial. Therefore I suggest people take a look. You may be led up the garden path-it`s what I do- but you certainly won`t be disappointed where you end up.

    Lassiter and his friends on both sides of the law investigate murders in a tough Glasgow housing scheme school. Two teachers and a former pupil are dead. Why? True to form the novel twists, turns and surprises throughout. And just when you think it has all been explained satisfactorily at the end- or somewhere near the end- you find out that it hasn`t. And that`s not really the end either! All my books now available on Smashwords, Authorsden, Goodreads, Librarything and of course Lulu for print. Making good inroads on my third Lassiter novel Enjoy.