Bad Boy Brawly Brown by Walter Mosley

Bad Boy Brawly Brown by Walter Mosley Purchase:

    Los Angeles: February 1964. Chill winds whisper through the city streets – gusts of racial tension and change. At the heart of the gathering storms is the First Men, a group that some fear wants to whip those winds into a fiery insurrection. Easy Rawlins is working as a high school custodian, caring for his children Jesus and Feather in their cozy West L.A. home, living a life of relative calm. But when Easy’s friend John asks for help with his strapping young stepson Brawly Brown, Easy is catapulted back into the restless streets.

    John thinks Brawly may be caught up in a dangerous situation. He’s right. Brawly has become involved with the First Men. And when Aldridge Brown, Brawly’s father, is murdered, Easy soon finds himself again under suspicion by racist cops, again in the company of desperate, dangerous men. Through it all, Easy is guided by the spirit of his old lethal ally and friend Raymond “Mouse” Alexander. Mouse speaks to Easy from beyond the grave, guiding him, cajoling him. And it is something Mouse once said to him that may help Easy save Brawly’s life – without costing him his own.