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    “Luck is not chance, it’s toil; fortune’s expensive smile is earned. “

    When poet Emily Dickenson wrote those words, she might have envisioned someone just like Sarah Whitmore. Despite all that’s happened to her, Sarah still believes in lucky breaks. But oh, how she earns them!

    After a single act of violence leaves Sarah pregnant, shattering her cherished dreams, she grabs a chance to leave her Wisconsin town behind and create a new life on the South Carolina coast. Sarah struggles to be a good parent, promising herself that Amber will never learn the truth about her violent father. Sarah includes her job at an island resort as another lucky break, along with her friendship with Woody, a gay man who helps her develop her talent as a portrait artist. But Woody can’t help Sarah believe a relationship with a man is possible for her—ever.

    Then Sarah meets Barly Rhoads, a dad who fought for the right to be with his child. Barly believes in justice and righting wrongs, including fixing his own mistakes. The past refuses to stay buried when Amber’s father threatens the life Sarah has created for herself and her daughter. Barly proves he will go to any length to protect Sarah and Amber, and in the process expose some deep wounds of his own. Now Sarah must decide if she’s ready for one more lucky break.

    About Virginia McCullough:

    Virginia McCullough
    Virginia McCullough

    Virginia McCullough is the author of three previous women’s fiction novels, Island Healing: Book 1 of the St. Anne series; Greta’s Grace, A Simon’s Point novel; and The Chapels on the Hill. Born and raised in Chicago, Virginia has been lucky enough to live in many locales, including the U.S. Virgin Islands. She began her writing career when she moved to the coast of Maine, soon breaking in to magazines with articles about sailing/cruising, family living, and children’s literature.

    Virginia has written over 100 books for her clients, including 12 titles for Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., a neurologist-psychiatrist and developer of Sensa, the popular weight loss program. Her coauthored books include The Oxygen Revolution, written with Paul Harch, M.D., a pioneer in the field of hyperbaric medicine; Option Trading in Your Spare Time with Wendy Kirkland, an expert in option trading; and 52 Ways to Bring More Humor, Hugs, and Hope into Your Life, with professional speaker, Greg Risberg, MSW, CSP. In 2011, she and a friend and colleague, Lynda McDaniel, co-founded The Book Catalysts, a book writing coaching service that also offers tools for writers, including the e-book, Write Your Book Now!.

    If you enjoyed Virginia McCullough’s novel, Greta’s Grace, an Amazon Bestseller, you’ll love Amber Light.

    Amazon Review by Light:

    Virginia McCullough at her best. Amber Light hooked me from the beginning and didn’t let go. I’m behind in my work and have calls and emails that are late, all because I got so wrapped up in Sarah’s incredible strength, courage, and pain.

    McCullough has reached new levels in character development, and her prose is fluid and fresh. Most importantly, the heart in her story is so alive that even having finished the book and carried on with my own life, I still feel tied to Sarah, Barly, Amber, Woody, and Ellie. Simply magic.

    Amazon Review by L. McCullough-delorme:

    NOT LIGHTWEIGHT. This is a romance, but it is a hard earned one for Sarah. The dedication in the book is a pretty good indicator of where this book could have gone with its main character. Thankfully for us and her, she carves out a life and emerges about as healed as one can hope.

    With most of my mom’s stories…there is the healing/heroine’s journey. She captures Sarah’s innocent qualities without making her seem silly and I know I am not the only adult woman who saw the writing on the wall with Woody! Did anyone cringe like I did? I wanted to save her from the “crash” so bad! Sigh. So glad this novel came out of the spiral bound notebooks and into the light! Bravo!