Allegiance by Tom Abrahams

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    A wickedly intelligent, breathtaking thriller.

    Beer, Redheads, And Politics… Jackson Quick Should Have Known Better.

    First, He Trusted A Texas Politician.

    Then He Fell For A Leggy Woman.

    Worst Of All, He Drank A Beer That Tasted Funny.

    Now He’s Running For His Life, Trying To Piece Together How He Fell Into A Battle Over Something So Small It Takes A High-Powered Microscope To See It.

    A sniper team takes aim at a gubernatorial candidate. A political aide is kidnapped and interrogated about the encrypted iPods he’s carried around the globe. A research scientist on the verge of an earth-shaking breakthrough disappears from his secretly funded university lab. All three are connected in a battle over something microscopic. As the pieces of a Texas-sized conspiracy collide, will the unwitting hero at the center of it succeed in saving his life and the Republic? Or will those trying to silence him prove too powerful in a world where there is no allegiance.

    About the Author:

    Tom Abrahams
    Tom Abrahams

    Tom Abrahams is the author of the political thrillers SEDITION and ALLEGIANCE. Both are published by Post Hill Press.

    A Texas television reporter and anchor, Tom has spent more than 20 years covering local, national, and international news.

    He’s interviewed Presidents, cabinet members, and leaders in congress. He’s reported live from the White House, Capitol Hill, and the United Nations.

    Tom’s covered five national political conventions. He has flown with presidential candidates, gone backstage at their rallies, and broken stories about them on television and online.

    He was at the Pentagon while smoke still rose in the hours after 9/11 and was in the room when Secretary Colin Powell made his case to the U.N. Security Council for war against Iraq.

    Tom lives in the Houston suburbs with his wife, Courtney, and their two children.

    His first novel, SEDITION, was released as an e-book and as a paperback in late 2012. Post Hill Press re-released the book in September 2013. Read more about Tom’s work at

    Review by Steven Koncoly: There’s a lot to like about Tom Abrahams’ recent release—beyond “Beer, Redheads, And Politics.” Sizzling storyline, snappy dialogue and fiercely intelligent twists are just a few of the elements that lift Allegiance out of the vast political thriller muck and establish Abrahams as one of my favorite authors.

    Allegiance pits underdog, Jackson Quick, against a powerful cartel of Texas politicians, oil barons and multinational interest groups, in a brutal, high-octane cat and mouse game played out across the southwest United States.

    Abrahams quickly turns Quick’s comfortable, Texas lifestyle upside down, tossing him into the middle of a complicated conspiracy with the potential to bring the Oil Industry to its knees. Paired involuntarily with one of Abrahams’ most brilliantly notorious characters, Sir Spencer, Quick reluctantly embarks on a deadly mission to uncover the truth about his boss, the Governor of Texas.

    Nothing is what it seems in this story, each situation and scenario shifting with a mercurial precision that will leave the reader stunned. The result is nothing short of a wickedly intelligent, breathtaking thriller.