A Week of Lies by I C Camilleri

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    The mind is a powerful thing, capable of twisting and turning things, allowing us to believe in what we want.

    It is New Year’s Day. Beth Banks wakes up to find her father dead in their multimillion pound house in London. It appears to be a suicide, but Beth has her doubts.

    She looks back on her previous week, her introduction into the cryptic world of Rob Menezes, the righteous law graduate desperately seeking a living, the man she has grown to love and trust despite his many facets.

    She sets out in search of the truth and she uncovers a dark secret that could radically change her life.

    About I C Camilleri:

    I C Camilleri
    I C Camilleri

    I C Camilleri is a medical doctor living in the UK. Her first novel, The Blake Curse was published in March 2012. A year later it was nominated for The People’s Book Prize UK, a national competition voted for by the public.

    After a three month vote The Blake Curse became one of the three finalists in the Summer 2013 Collection. Her next two novels, The Blake Soul and The Blake Mistake were published in 2013.

    Each book in the Blake series could be read as a stand-alone.

    Review by Sher:

    Awesome book! loved the story line and how well it was structured and organised! Also having a very relevant theme, that shows you how pornography can result in very harmful habits and serious crimes! Another interesting theme that came out was the contrasting lives experienced by poor and rich people.

    Simply in love with the characters and the numerous twists along the plot! always kept me guessing what was next to happen! A big well done! you have once more captivated me! looking forward for another novel!

    Review by Sherry Fundin:

    Beth Banks was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she was not a happy person. Her mother had been murdered right in front of her when she was five years old and her father barely acknowledged her existence. She is like the spoiled rich kids you see on TV, denied nothing, partying, shopping and lavishly throwing their money around. Her desire to be loved made her push the envelope. Friends? Not many. Most followed her around, just wanting to be a part of the gravy train.

    Rob Menenez, the damaged hero (?) is a lawyer, but had no job. He is quite the hunk and rejects her at every turn. That makes her want him all the more. He was good and kind, or so she thought. He has his moments, but crosses the line of proper dating etiquette.

    He came in and out of her life in a weeks time, then vanished. She had fallen in love with him and thought he had done the same. Partying and meaningless sex, was this going to be her life?

    Elena, Rob’s sister, was into internet pornography. We all know sex sells. But, love…the things we do for the one we love knows no bounds. We will overlook their faults, no matter how bad they are, staying by their side no matter what.

    New Years Day and she rang it in on a dead note and I mean a really dead note. Her father is found dead of a suicide.

    Here we go…

    Suicide? I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying it. Why? How? Who?

    She went in search of Rob and stepped in it. He had warned her repeatedly that he couldn’t be trusted and he would be leaving shortly, but she didn’t want to hear it and turned a deaf ear. We know how that goes. The mind is a powerful thing, capable of twisting and turning things, allowing us to believe in what we want.

    As I go through Beth’s week with Rob, I feel her loneliness and insecurity, her desperate need to be loved. Her mother’s death haunts her dreams. She would drift off, as if in a trance, her mind taking her where where it would, dreaming of this or that. She never anticipated what a positive influence this elusive man would have on her.

    Happy are the reckless and damned are the deep thinkers.

    It is writing like this that makes I C Camilleri such a great author. Her insight into what drives her characters, as if they are real, does bring them to life on the pages. She did a wonderful job of articulating Beth’s slow growth, from a spoiled brat to a real person. From the buy all, me, me, me attitude, to giving for the sake of doing something just because you are able to help.

    “Now don’t you dare move from there, you handsome naked man.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I can picture Beth standing there, naked herself, hands on her hips, and telling him she will be right back.

    The twists began early in the book and kept right on coming. I wasn’t sure itI was going. I C Camilleri caught me off guard and kept me off balance. Can we have a happy ever after? Do we want a happy after, considering what Rob has done? I guess, like me, you will have to read the book. I do not think you will be disappointed.