A Soul to Steal by Rob Blackwell

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    When everything came together and all the pieces finally fell into place I was completely shocked.
    A Celtic legend and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” collide in The Sanheim Chronicles, a trilogy that deftly combines urban fantasy, mystery, and suspense.

    Book One, A Soul to Steal, is just 99 cents for a limited time“When I first downloaded ‘A Soul to Steal‘ I had no idea I would get sucked into a series that would fire my imagination and twist mythologies so thoroughly.”

    Book Two: Band of Demons, available for just $2.99 temporarily, has earned rave reviews for its “plot twists that will leave you gasping for air.”

    Book Three: Give the Devil His Due has been called “a stellar conclusion to one of the best trilogies I’ve ever read… I’m still reeling from the ending.”
    “I am happy to cheer Mr. Blackwell on as he draws us into his supernatural thriller, The Sanheim Chronicles.

    — Mark Metcalf, Actor (The Master, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


    “With the combination of an ancient Celtic myth and the legend of the Headless Horseman, Blackwell’s story is a leave-the-light-on kind of page turner… If you like suspenseful thrillers, check out A Soul to Steal.”
    –Indie Reader [Featured on USA Today Books]A serial killer on the loose, two reporters in his sights, and a legendary ghost haunting the town…Lord Halloween, a vicious murderer who targeted Loudoun County, Va., twelve years ago, has returned. Quinn and Kate, two community journalists, race to uncover his identity before a promised bloodbath on Halloween. But to stop him, they may unleash a far darker threat — and pay an unimaginable price.A Soul to Steal has been featured on USA Today and praised by book bloggers and readers alike for its thrilling combination of urban fantasy, mystery and suspense.

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    “Blackwell has woven a Celtic myth, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and a serial killer’s rampage into a great novel… When everything came together and all the pieces finally fell into place I was completely shocked. The ending was fantastic.”
    –Vanessa The Jeep Diva [Book Blog]

    “You have the paranormal, murder, mystery/thriller, suspense and a little romance all rolled into one great read… Everything comes together incredibly well at the end. The ending of this book was amazing. I highly recommend this book.”
    –Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Book Lovers [Book Blog]

    “This is one of those novels that manages to blend many different genres into a satisfying read. This is predominately a supernatural thriller, but Blackwell also manages to have a romantic narrative in the story as well which doesn’t feel forced or false.”
    –Ginger Nuts of Horror [Book Blog]

    About Rob Blackwell:
    Rob Blackwell
    Rob Blackwell

    Rob Blackwell is a journalist who currently serves as Washington Bureau Chief for American Banker newspaper. A native of Great Falls, Va., he has worked as a reporter for the Loudoun Times-Mirror, Eastern Loudoun Times and a columnist for the South County Chronicle.

    He is the author of The Sanheim Chronicles, a trilogy that combines urban fantasy, mystery and humor. “A Soul to Steal” and “Band of Demons” were both kindle bestsellers. The final book in the series, “Give the Devil His Due,” was published on Oct. 1, 2013.
    Rob has won several Virginia Press Association awards and was co-winner of the Jesse H. Neal Award for Business Journalism. He has appeared several times on other media outlets, including NPR, BBC, CNBC and C-Span.
    He lives in Virginia with his wife and two children.