Leap of Faith by Larry LaVoie

Leap of Faith by Larry LaVoie Purchase:

    This action packed mystery, without all the blood and guts, puts you in the middle of a serial killer and a corrupted local government.

    This novel is the first in the Chad Beckman mystery series. Chad Beckman is running for mayor against a corrupt administration. He lost his wife of twenty-five years nearly two years earlier and to pass the lonely hours turns to flyfishing where he happens across Linda Strainer and the sparks begin to fly.

    Linda, a local artist, is painting a landscape in the exact spot where Chad always fishes. The two hear gunshots and witness a murder in progress. Chad and Linda are thrown together by circumstance and necessity and their relationship turns from adversarial to close friendship as they struggle to keep their identity from the killers.

    To make matters worse the local newspaper publishes Chad and Linda’s story. The once tranquil Oregon Coast community of Bay View suddenly becomes a hotbed of crime and intrigue as the murderer and his inept accomplice search for Chad and Linda.

    Bay View has other secrets.

    A long dead body is discovered stuffed in the brickwork of a building after a suspicious fire. The building is owned by the corrupt mayor. Chad’s friend Blake is arrested for murder and may be the key that unlocks the mystery as to why there are so many murders in the small community.

    About Larry LaVoie:

    Larry LaVoie
    Larry LaVoie

    Larry LaVoie was born in a small town in Oregon. He lettered in football and track in high school. In the summers, as a teenager, he worked in the fields around Dayton, Oregon. Larry graduated from McMinnville High school. He served in the Oregon National Guard. He completed basic training in Fort Ord, California. He spent much of his career as an engineer in the aerospace industry.

    He has traveled extensively to several European countries. He has lived in several small towns in Oregon and along the Oregon Coast, which is reflected in some of his novels. He now lives in the high desert country of Eastern Oregon. He likes golf and bowling and has participated in several bowling tournaments over the past several years.

    His writing mainly has a flavor of his small town roots, although a few of his novels take place in larger cities such as Los Angeles, or Portland, or foreign countries. His writings reflect his love of technology, sports and politics.

    His writings include mystery, thrillers, political, sports, and action adventure set in interesting places. While many of his novels are written for a mainstream adult audience he has also written for young adult and Christian readers.

    “I write mainly to entertain,” Larry says. “When you read one of my books I want you to enjoy a thrilling experience through the eyes of the characters.”

    Larry has written thirteen novels in several genre.

    Review by JC Cain:

    Sometimes trying out a new author in a genre you like so well can be taking a leap of faith. This one was well worth it!

    Although it was a disappointment that the young, sheriff deputy was killed so early in the book, I was hooked from the beginning. This action packed mystery, without all the blood and guts, puts you in the middle of a serial killer and a corrupted local government.
    Being the first in a series there is always something to look forward to! Can’t wait!

    Review by CJ Martin:

    I met the author on Twitter and decided to give the first Chad Beckman novel a read. There wasn’t a slow moment that I can remember and the characters filled out nicely.

    I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series (but my reading list a bit long right now). There were a couple of scenes or happenings that made me wonder how the author was going to pull it all together, but he did.

    Loads of fun and the author is very accessible (and nice) on Twitter. Give it a chance–I don’t think it will disappoint.