The Daily Shift by Beca Lewis

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    Essential Reading for those who are ready to give up what doesn’t work and embrace what does (Spiritual Self-Help).

    Think differently and change your life for the better.

    Does your life keep going on the same way, sometimes getting a little better, but not really fulfilling your dreams? Or, perhaps in spite of all your best efforts, life is getting harder. To change your life, you try many ideas about how to fix it. Some work for a brief time, others don’t work at all.

    We all know that perception is reality

    This means that in order for life to change for the better, permanently, our perception has to expand into a different way of thinking. We know that in order to change our life, we must think differently.

    Good shifts happen, because we shift our behavior and habits. However, that isn’t enough, because we can only change within, and what, we currently perceive of as reality.

    How To Think About God, As God Thinks About You

    The only lasting solution is to shift our perception of reality. We must let go of our human way of thinking, and move into the Divine, infinite way, of thinking. “The Daily Shift” transforms us out of our small view thinking, and into the infinite viewpoint of God. God is the thinker; we are Its thoughts. With this spiritual awakening, we begin to think differently, and our experience of life shifts to more abundance, ease, and grace.

    Beca Lewis

    About Beca Lewis:

    Beca Lewis writes books that she hopes will shift her reader’s perception of themselves, enabling them to see what has always been present, but hidden from those who don’t know how to see.

    At sixteen Beca founded a dance studio. Later, she received a Master’s Degree in Dance in Choreography from UCLA and founded Harbinger Dance Theatre, a multi-media dance company while continuing to run her dance school.

    After graduating—to support her three children—Beca switched to sales where she worked as an employee and independent contractor to many industries; excelling in each while perfecting and teaching her Shift® system, and writing books.

    She joined the Financial Industry in 1983 and became an Associate Vice President of Investments at a major stock brokerage firm, and was a licensed Certified Financial Planner for over twenty years.

    This diversity, along with a variety of life challenges, helped fuel the desire to share what she learned with the hopes that it will make a difference in other people’s lives.

    Beca grew up in State College, PA with the dream of becoming a dancer and then a writer. She carried that dream forward as she fulfilled a childhood wish by moving to Southern California.

    After living there for over thirty years, she met her husband Delbert Piper, Sr.—at a retreat in Virginia—and returned with him to live in a small town in Ohio.

    When not working and teaching together, they love to visit and play with their combined family of eight children and five grandchildren.

    Review by Chuck Gallagher:

    How powerful and timely. I was just talking to a dear friend about the need to move from the human way of thinking to the Spiritual and guess what happens…this wonderful book appears! The Daily Shift is one of those rare books that reaches beyond the surface and allows one to connect with a deeper truth.

    If you want to change your life – one step at a time – then there is nothing better than connecting with The Daily Shift. There are no mistakes and speaking from a heart centered place – this is a life transforming book that you will not want to pass up! This book is a must have!

    Review by Jamie Lewis:

    I just love the latest book from Beca Lewis. There are 18 topics that you can enjoy and learn from. Take each one and spend seven daya on the theme and watch what happens! There is no particular order that you must follow in order to benefit from the information in this book.

    It is such an easy read and so well thought out. Do you want to concentrate on your “purpose”? Or perhaps you want to delve into the topic of “listening” or “renewal.” No matter which subject you choose to focus on you are sure to gain a lot. Highly recommended!