BOTM will pay people to buy your books.

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TODAY IS A MAJOR HALLMARK in the history of Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

We originally went into business to connect readers, writers, and books.

And now we have officially launched The Book of the Moment Club.

For several months, we have been showcasing books in an effort to streamline the mechanism.

But today it’s live.

Today’s it’s real.

For Authors, the Book of the Moment Club offers a chance of a lifetime, and here are the reasons why:

  • The Club is designed to promote, market, and sell eBooks.
  • The Club is designed to promote, market, and sell Audiobooks.
  • In fact, BOTM is the only site in the marketplace that has been created for the purpose of selling audiobooks.

So what is the benefit for authors, and what does it cost?

Authors receive a full seven-day promotion for a fee of $49.99.

That’s only about $7 a day.

We provide buttons at the bottom of each promotional page that give authors a quick and easy way to promote their books on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Google Plus.

And, more importantly, we have created the most innovative new marketing strategy in the bookselling marketplace



Who else does that for you?

When people join Book of the Moment Club, they receive a certificate that they can redeem and receive up to $25 in cold, hard cash for purchasing a minimum of three books within a 30-day period.

There is always a chance that Book of the Moment Club members will then use that $25 to buy even more eBooks or Audiobooks.

Joining the club is free.

The certificate is free.

And authors receive their full royalty from Amazon.

How do you submit a book for Book of the Moment Club?

On Caleb and Linda Pirtle, click the yellow flag that you find at the top of each page of the Website.

Or merely click this link:

It’s quick.

It’s easy.

In order to provide additional credibility for their book, authors can submit:

  • The synopsis of the book
  • An Author’s Bio
  • Reviews
  • An Author’s Interview
  • An Author can write about their book and the inspiration behind its creation
  • The Author/Book Website link
  • An audio clip of the book link
  • A video clip of the book link
  • The book trailer link

Book of the Moment Club was designed specifically to benefit authors.

Yesterday we were sitting on go.

Today we launched.

Let us help you promote, market, and sell your book.

After all, we’re paying people to buy it.

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