Book Reviews: Hot Shot Romance and Death Is Not an Option


YOU CAN RUN FROM THE PAIN  that has scarred your past. You can even search for and find the trappings of another life in a desperate effort to escape your past.

But in her new novel, Hot Shot Romance, Lira Brannon drives home these points.

You can’t hide from love.

You can’t hide from God’s plans.

And you will never find a place dark enough to hide from your past.

For Jill, it is an awakening.

For the new man in her life, it is a discovery.

Can they bridge the pain of their memories?

Can they find peace?

Will they be able to grasp and hold onto love?

They must.

It just may be the salvation for both of them.

Jill is a victim.

She’s frightened.

She learns that her daughter is being released from prison.

But have ten years of confinement paled her rage?

Or is Jill still in danger.

She tried once to kill her mother.

Will she try again?

Jill believes she has found the perfect place to hide from her fears and her troubles. She becomes a hot shot driver, traveling the country, delivering RVs.

Stay out of sight.

Stay on the run.

No home.

No address.

It’s as if Jill does not exist anymore.

Her heart can’t run forever. She meets and falls in love with King, a Southern gentleman, who also happens to be a hot shot driver.

He, too, has a bitter past.

King is known for being a violent man.

But will the chance for love soften a hard and angry heart?

Or will the threat of danger continue to shadow her?

And can God provide a way when there seems to be no escape route for either of them.

Take a chance on Hot Shot Romance. Take a chance on the talented writings of Lira Brannon. You wont’ be disappointed.


DEATH IS NOT AN OPTION is all about golf.

Death Is Not an Option is all about romance.

It is.

And it isn’t.

Most of all, Death is Not an Option is a mystery.

And murder is involved.

Clayton Trace has it made. He’s the head golf pro for mountain country club that caters to the rich, to high society, to those who love to surround themselves with the good life.

He’s dapper.

He’s a womanizer.

But who is the woman always beside him?

She’s tall.

She’s pretty.

She’s blasé about it all.

She doesn’t seem to care at all about the women in his life.

Or does she?

His should be a perfect world.

It isn’t.

Somebody wants Clayton Trace dead.

An old mistake in his life is coming back to haunt him.

An old mistake is stalking him.

The stalker has murder on his mind.

Clayton is forced to survive guns.

Deadly snakes.

And a rigged accident on a mountain highway.

Clayton may be a man in love, but he’s always looking over his shoulder.

And he, like the reader, wonders just how long his luck will last.

And is that long enough?

Talented novelist Mike McManus has populated his novel with a fascinating array of carefully drawn characters, and he has gone to the trouble of making sure that each of them is well crafted and people you worry about and care about.

The plot line is intriguing.

But the characters are the driving force behind the story.

And that’s the way it always should be.

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