Book Reviews: Fractured Light and 6 White Roses


RACHEL MCCLELLAN LOOKS at the world far different from most of us. It’s not our world. It’s her world. She built it deep within the recesses of her own imagination and gave it life with a fascinating array of characters who could only exist there and nowhere else. For Rachel, there is nowhere else.

She writes young adult paranormal fiction, and Fractured Light opens the doors for a journey I never expected to take, living alongside individuals I never expected to see. Who were they, and why did I care about them so deeply?

A talented writer, Rachel makes me feel as though I’ve known these characters always. I read for a while, the world loses its distant touch of fantasy.

It becomes real.

And so do those characters.

When they were lonely, I was lonely.

When their hearts broke, so did mine.

I felt their uncertainty and understood their hope.

I witnessed their desperate struggles and understood their plight.

When they fought, I fought.

When they survived, it was as though I had won as well.

Liona Reese may be just a girl, but she has been targeted for death by the same Vykens who had taken the lives of her parents.

She has hidden for so long.

She realizes how fragile her life has become and knows it can be snuffed out with the single snap of a finger.

But she is ready to quit running.

Her heart throbs with defiance.

Liona has learned to fracture and manipulate light, and light becomes her most powerful weapon.

Suspense is high and emotions run deep. You feel as though you are a puppet on a string as Rachel McClellan’s masterful writing manipulates you through her world with the same skill that Liona uses to manipulate light. Her storytelling ability leaves you breathless and wondering where her next novel will lead you.

6 White Roses Final HR 4-24 412

PERHAPS THE YOUNG GIRL had a moment of joy in her life. Most likely, she didn’t. Her existence had been one of pain and fear and abuse. Tears always outnumbered the smiles, and now she would smile no more.

A short life was gone.

The pain had ended.

She lay dead.

But who had murdered her?

And why?

How was it possible that a young girl with so much promise had been born into a world that offered her nothing but a death that had come far too soon.

Kelly Marshall’s 6 White Roses tears at the heart.

It is intense.

It is filled with suspense, as those detectives investigating the murder find dead ends and disappointment and frustration at every turn.

But they persevere. They have no other choice.

The little girl had no one to protect her when she was alive.

But she had not died to be cast aside and forgotten.

Someone would pay.

Someone would face justice.

But how many more would have to die before the detectives would be able to piece together the dark puzzle and once again sleep well at night.

The death of someone so young, someone with such a tortured past, haunted them both night and day.

The suspects all seemed to have an alibi?

A trail was growing cold.

Were the parents guilty? Or were they suffering from their worst nightmare?

Who had something to hide, and who was lying, and how long would it take the detectives to break down the lies?

Kelly Marshall knows how to write and how to build strong, complex characters that suffer from their own personal demons. You’ll love them. You’ll hate them. You may even fear them.

But you will never forget them.


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