Book Review: That One Moment by Patty Wiseman

 She is trapped in a web still entangled in her past. One man wants her. One man refuses to let her go. She is caught in the crossfire of their emotions.

Patty Wiseman, as well as anyone and better than most, sure knows how to write the three basic ingredients of a page-turning and unforgettable novel: mystery, suspense, and romance.

I am a devout fan of her novels in the Velvet Shoes Collection. They exude the rich mood and jazz-age atmosphere of love and loss, high society and murder, during the Roaring Twenties.

Now comes Patty’s newest novel, That One Moment.

It’s distinctive.

It’s different from anything she has written previously.

It’s contemporary.

For this one moment, at least, Patty Wiseman has forsaken the past and decided her characters should live in the present.

Her story is modern.

But, in reality, nothing has changed.

Patty Wiseman

Her novel is charged with emotion.

Is it love?

Or is it lust?

What is the mystery stalking Ricki Sheridan?

It is as nerve-wracking, as intense, as the romance.

The suspense is suffocating.

Ricki has been betrayed.

Her life is shattered.

All she wants to do to escape a heartbroken world, littered with memories she would rather forget, and hide away from the pain and disappointments of her everyday life.

She flees into the high country surrounding Wolf Den’s Lodge and enrolls in a survivalist backpacking journey.

She is alone.

The mountains rising before her are tempting.

The valley far below beckons with the fears of the unknown.

She’s broken but resilient.

She won’t quit.

She won’t falter.

Ricki’s fate is in her own hands.

But she is not worried.

What can go wrong?

Well, first, she meets a ruggedly handsome trail boss, Kory Littleton.

The attraction is electric and immediate.

The connection takes its own leisurely time.

Ricki fled the bitterness of love betrayed.

She has vowed never to make that mistake again.

But her heart won’t listen.

Can she trust the man in the mountain?

Does she dare trust the man in the mountain?

Her emotions are jangled.

They may be lying to her.

As Patty writes: “Ricki wasn’t sure what woke her. The dying embers of the fire greeted her unfocused eyes.

“The fire is almost gone. He must be dead tired to have forgotten it.

“She struggled out of the sleeping bag, grabbed a jacket and boots, and sat down on the dead log.

“Let him sleep. I can build up the fire.

“One by one, she tightened the rawhide bootlaces, but with a string in each hand, she froze at a low growl from the edge of the woods. Afraid to move, she listened for the sound again and cringed. Coyote.

“A quick glance at Kory’s sleeping bag sent a shiver down her back. It was empty.”

She’s a girl alone.

She’s facing a great unknown.

It may love her.

It may kill her.

She is trapped in a web still entangled in her past. One man wants her. One man refuses to let her go. She is caught in the crossfire of their emotions.

Who will be there save her?

Or must she dig deep, find courage she didn’t know she had, and save herself?

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