Book Review: Indignities: The Altercation by N. E. Brown

I predict that you won’t be able to sleep until you read the last page.

Galveston 1900: The Indignities, Book Six: The Altercation, N. E. Brown’s latest novel about the Matthews family, is replete with intrigue. Lives are forever changed after the death of Trent Matthews, Catherine’s husband and father of their children.

To honor Trent’s dying wish, Catherine moves the family to Galveston with the hope that the change will be a positive one for all of them. Little does she know the challenges she and her children will encounter. She will come face-to-face with the deep secret she has harbored for years.

N. E. Brown

The protagonist in this story, however, is Adam, Catherine’s independent – perhaps somewhat rebellious – son. Adam wants to make his own way in the world and finds a job working at the docks on Galveston’s busy port. His employer recognizes Adam’s intelligence and willingness to do the job better than most of his co-workers and promotes the young man to an important position.

In her novel, N. E. Brown weaves a plot supported by subplots and conflicts. Through them, the reader recognizes that the challenges of the Twenty-first Century are nothing new to mankind.

The story includes identity theft, homelessness, prostitution, spousal abuse, rape, and deception, all of which vicariously send the reader on the roller coaster we call life.

This book is a real page turner. Be sure to sit in a comfortable chair with snacks and a drink by your side. Prepare to stay up late if you begin reading after five o’clock in the afternoon.

I predict that you won’t be able to sleep until you read the last page.

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