Book Review: Give the Lady a Ride by Linda Yezak

Why is it so important for her to ride an angry bull for eight seconds?

Patricia Talbot, the protagonist in Linda Yezak’s Give the Lady a Ride, knows how to be diplomatic. It’s the one skill that she has honed to perfection by using delay tactics and white lies, as well as spinning negatives into positives. These tactics are easy for her and always work well in the high-society, fundraising circles of New York, the only world she knows.

Linda Yezak

Patricia, the sole beneficiary of her uncle’s will, inherits his cattle ranch in Texas. She and her best friend (actually, her only friend) Marie travel to Texas for a short trip. It shouldn’t take more than a few days to go through her uncle’s papers and contact a realtor. At least, that’s what Patricia plans to do.

However, all of her diplomacy skills evaporate within hours of her arrival. Patricia and Marie meet the men and women of the area and learn that white lies and delay tactics don’t work with down-to-earth, honest, good Christian people.

Listening to Talon Carlson as he speaks of his faith, teaches her how to ride a bull, and shows his vulnerabilities which spring from being an orphan, Patricia learns to appreciate his integrity and determination. Patricia realizes something is missing in her life.

Then she finds a box of letters. Yezak keeps the reader in suspense by not revealing the contents of the letters until much later in the story. How do the letters affect Patricia and her self-confidence? How do the letters cause Patricia to question her own integrity, her own faith? Why is it so important for her to ride an angry bull for eight seconds?

After reading the letters and hanging on for eight seconds change her life? Can she return to a world where her friends are friends only in name? Can she leave the ranch in Texas?

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