Book Review: Deceived by Julie Anne Lindsey

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The Book: Deceived

The Author: Julie Anne Lindsey

The Story: Ever since she could remember, Elle has had to hop from town to town to keep up with her dad’s demanding career as a corporate insurance agent. Each time, a reoccurring nightmare followed her wherever she went – until the day that the frightening figures haunting her at night became all too real.

When news of a serial killer spreads throughout her new school, Elle worries that the Reaper has been leaving her his calling card in the form of cigarette butts on her doormat and an unusual ribbon in her locker. With the help of Brian, a boy she meets at a flea market, she discovers that this isn’t her first encounter with the murderer and that her father has been concealing her true identity for the past twelve years.

But despite her father’s desperate attempts to protect her, Elle still comes face to face with the darkness she has been running from her whole life. Trapped in the woods and with help hundreds of miles away, will Elle be able to confront the Reaper and reclaim the life she lost?

Pala Ratcliffe
Pala Ratcliffe

My Review:

Gabrielle is starting a new school in a new town. Every year for as long as Gabrielle (aka Elle) has known, she has been constantly uprooted.  Her father works for an insurance company, and every year they move to some other small town.  Elle wants to stop moving and finish her senior year of high school.  She has made some friends and even has a roommate she gets along with Pixie who reminds me of the girl in NCIS.

What Elle didn’t count on was black ribbon appearing in her locker, or the erie feeling someone is following her.  Then she meets new guy Brian Austin who seems very mysterious and only talks to Elle when no one is around.  What is it about Brian that makes Elle go brain dead.

Elle starts to get some answers to what is going on around here.  The stalkers roaming the private school is getting closer.  Brian reveals who he really is, and it’s now up to Brian to protect Elle from the danger that awaits her.  First is getting Pixie out of the way, and second is making sure Elle is safe from the stalker, and this demands for Elle to live with Brian.

This book was incredible filled with so much action and adventure, and it had me jumping all over the place, wondering if they would ever catch the stalker and trying to figure out the  connection between Elle’s dad and Brian’s job.  Deceived was so intriguing.  Can’t wait to read more by this great author!


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