Book Review: Cleaved by Sue Coletta

Sue Coletta doesn’t just write thrillers. She lives them, and hers is a terrifying world of shadows and serial killers.

Bloodied and battered, suspended between this world and hell, I could barely catch my breath. Cool air struck my face, and my eyelids fluttered open. Pure blackness enveloped my body, stuffed inside a steel drum. Metal scraped my bare back. Sharp pain shot through my knees, ankles and neck, bent at such an angle moving was not an option. No longer did I control my breathing, my chest heaving much faster than I could regulate. Within this sinister trap, the oxygen thinned with ever patter, patter, patter of my heart….

Dear God, don’t let me die this way.

Thus begins Cleaved, the new novel by Sue Coletta, who is rapidly carving out a special niche in the literary world, who is creating a genre not yet invented or defined.

She writes thrillers.

They are terrifying.

She writes mysteries.

Sue Coletta

They absorb you in a horror so suffocating that, like a girl in a steel drum, you have trouble breathing. Each breath is a struggle. Each breath feels like the last.

Sue writes suspense.

It can keep you awake at night.

She writes about the most frightening creatures of all.

She writes about the evils of man, the serial killers who lurk in the shadows, waiting and searching and stalking victims who never realize they are in trouble until it’s too late.

Her novels are rich with fear and the stench of death.

Cleaved is perhaps the best of them all.

Sage Quintano is an author. She writes about crime.

Her husband Niko is a detective. He investigates crime.

They know victims. They have stood over the bloody remains of victims.

But what happens when they become the targets?

What fate awaits them when they become the victims?

A killer hides in the darkness.

Is he an angry man?

Or a madman?

What evil would cause a man to impale women on deer antlers?

What possesses him to stuff them alive in steel drums where death can be slow and painful and agonizing?

Does he choose his women at random?

Or does he have a morbid and sinister reason?

Is he looking for revenge?

Or does he only want to inflict fear and pain?

And why has he chosen Sage?

And can she ever escape the death he has chosen for her?

Sue Coletta doesn’t just write thrillers. She lives them. And she has the talent to draw readers into the cruel, depraved world where the magic of her imagination resides.

She crawls inside the reader’s head and allows the reader to crawl inside her head and witness the mystery, feel the fear and suspense, right along with her.

Read Cleaved. It’s one of the best novels on the market.

But beware if you read it at night.

And please, if you know what’s good for you, don’t read it alone or with the doors unlocked.

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