Book of the Moment Club Ready to Launch


AT LONG LAST, after months of making sure the mechanisms all worked and putting all of the moving parts in place, we will be launching the BOOK OF THE MOMENT CLUB for eBooks and AudioBooks on August 1.

And here is the official national press release to prove it:

For Immediate Release                           Westbury, New York – July 17, 2014

Caleb and Linda Pirtle to Partner with Experience The Rewards to Offer Travel Incentives to Members of The Book of the Moment Club

Caleb and Linda Pirtle, the fastest-growing publisher of e-Books and Audibooks, has teamed up with Experience The Rewards, a loyalty, affinity, and marketing communications company, to act as a concierge desk for Book of The Moment Club members as they travel the world for business or pleasure.

“We created the Book of The Moment Travel Club ™ to offer our members—busy executives, professionals and entrepreneurs—cost-effective travel options through one of the world’s largest travel companies,” says a joint release by Caleb Pirtle III and Stephen Woodfin of Caleb and Linda Pirtle. “Our Book of the Moment Club members travel widely on business and pleasure so we felt it would benefit them greatly to have a highly experienced travel company that offers un-matched discounts on each phase of their next trip—from car and hotel room rentals to concert and event tickets. In essence, we will be introducing books for the road.”

The program is the brainchild of Ken Sternfeld, Vice President of Marketing for Experience The Rewards, a company that provides turnkey internal and external engagement programs customized for entire industries. “As a new business development specialist, we will be working with Caleb and Linda Pirtle and their authors to assist in the marketing of eBooks and Audiobooks to the Book of The Moment membership as well as helping Caleb and Linda Pirtle develop a full-service travel and incentive company through relationships we have in the premium and incentive industry,” Mr. Sternfeld explained.

Experience The Rewards will be launching a customized Book of The Moment GOTS Rebate Certificate that is a version of their Gift of Travel Savings portfolio, positioned as a gift for joining the Book of The Moment website located on the Caleb and Linda Pirtle portal at  Here, members of the Book of The Moment Club will be able to log on and choose from a daily variety of selected authors offering special BOTM pricing on their books and receive rebates on purchases.

Caleb and Linda Pirtle places a high premium on offering consumers the best possible curated selection of e-books and audiobooks that are tailored to member’s profiles. In addition to deep discounts, all BOTM featured titles qualify for the Shares in Success Rebate Certificates that provide Up To $25.00 when purchases are made on the Amazon Kindle Store or A fluid site, the Book of the Moment Club selections change frequently to introduce readers to new authors, new titles and new genres to choose from on their Smartphone, Tablet or Computer simply by clicking a BOTM icon, a free download for members.

Beyond discounts and rebate certificates, the Book of The Moment Club prides itself on the authors it offers to our discerning clientele. “We want to give BOTM member a true concierge experience when exploring their book options,” says Mr. Sternfeld. “Once you join BOTM, the savings on book purchases plus the travel savings will stay with you until you get back from the holiday of your dreams.”

About Experience The Rewards (ETR):

ETR specializes in developing customized rewards programs for Fortune 500 companies. In an age when mass marketing has been rendered obsolete by efficient target marketing—building relationships with a specific market critical to a company’s success—it fuses together a suite of marketing and service solutions with a family of products and services that develop, maintain, and enhance a company’s business relationships, be it with its customers, channel partners, sales team, or staff. Boasting an array of strategies, solutions, and technology, ETR helps a company identify its target market, engage it, and open an ongoing dialogue directly related to its organizational objectives.

Through its focus on business engagement, Experience The Rewards is poised to become a leader in the motivation and rewards industry. Building on 40 years of industry knowledge and long-term relationships, it provides a combination of experience unique to the incentive and rewards business. For more information and to sample the solutions it can provide, log on to

About Caleb and Linda Pirtle:

The mission of Caleb and Linda Pirtle is to connect readers, writers and books. To support that mission Caleb and Linda Pirtle seeks to assist authors and publishers in building a strong brand for their work. Caleb and Linda Pirtle is also committed to delivering the highest quality social media networking resources and new business development tools for its featured authors and publishers. See who’s making news and how Caleb and Linda Pirtle is making a difference for its authors and publishers by visiting the Caleb and Linda Pirtle blog at

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