Book of the Moment Club: The Perfect Gift. The Authors Collection.

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You have written and published a book.

You have support from a lot of friends, family, and fans on your email list.

Want to thank them?

Want to do something good for them?

Give them an opportunity to join the Book of the Moment Club, and let them know that they can earn up to $25 for buying eBooks and Audiobooks from BOTM.

That’s a gift anyone would appreciate.

Simply email them this link:

It only takes a moment or so to join.

It’s free to join.

And they will immediately receive a Shares Certificate with simple instructions for earning the $25 cash rebate on the purchase of books.

Of course, you may also want to consider placing your book for a week-long promotion on Book of the Moment Club.

To find the book submission page, just go to and click on the little yellow flag at the top of the page. It tells you exactly what you need to do, and a promotion only costs about $7 a day.

Now your friends, family, and fans will all have a chance to earn money by buying your book.

They win.

You win.

I doubt if anyone has ever before offered them money to buy books.

But we can.

You can.

And you’re a hero.

It’s a great deal for everyone.

Today’s indie authors understand the importance of cooperation.

There is no future for any of us trying to compete.

Those who compete for a book sale assume customers will only buy one book.

We believe that customers will buy many books.

And authors who spread the word will be doing writers all over the country a great service by making it possible for their friends, family, and fans to discover as many great new indie books as possible.

Of course, when each of them spread the word, it can immediately bring new eyes to your books as well.

We’re all in this publishing game together.

Let’s help each other.

The more Book of the Moment Club members we have, the greater number of books will be sold.

And for authors, we believe that writing should be a paying gig.

Let’s all earn some money – authors as well as our favorite book buyers.

Book of the Moment Club and its cash rebate gives you both a way to do it.

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