Blair, Are You Out There Anywhere?

I was intending to blog this Friday about departing India, but I’ve just had the funniest experience of my whole texting life which is not saying much as I’ve only been texting about a year and a half.

I was lying in bed this past Sunday morning reading Caleb and Linda Pirtle blogs while recuperating from back surgery and an eighteen day safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa, when I received a picture text of a dog.  I didn’t know the dog.  I didn’t know the texter.  I didn’t know the cell phone number.  I thought, cute dog, and returned to my blog reading.  Here are the texts that followed the picture of the dog.

“Hey, its Blair, where did you go to get your dog shots?

I responded:  “I’m not Blair, but I can still tell u where to get ur dog shot   s.”

“I’m Blair lol, is this Perryman?’

I whip back:  “No, this is Jiji.   But this is funny.  I can’t wait to write a blog about this.  It’ll be at    soon if you care to read it, Blair.”

A heavy silence then befell my texter.

Then a quiet, short, little text:  “Oh sorry lol”

I, always ready to seek help from any source that pops up, texted my latest cyberspace dilemma.  “Not to worry.  The blog will be up this Friday at  In light of this texting error, all my passwords and calendar dates have disappeared from my iPhone, you wouldn’t be able to help me w/that, right?”

Blair texted back, “I have no clue”

“Thanks anyway.”  I responded.

I lie here with a wall calendar the size of a bath towel trying to reconstruct the last year and eight months of the past and the future, totally dependent on a few friends, a husband, and a weak memory.

I don’t understand iPhones, iPads, and syncing.  Does anyone?

Blair and I need a mentor.

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