Best of Texas Juvenile Historical Series Book Award: The Devil’s Den by James Babb

Now he is wanted in Fort Smith for a crime he did not (exactly) commit, and bounty hunters are on his trail.

The Devil’s Den James Babb has received the Best in Texas Book Award for Juvenile Historical Series. The award is presented by the Texas Association of Authors.

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The Story:

Indian Territory, 1881. Brody Martin, at 15, has survived a gunpowder explosion, a bear attack, a panther attack, and more than one attempt on his life.

But now he is wanted in Fort Smith for a crime he did not (exactly) commit, and bounty hunters are on his trail. In an effort to elude them, he finds a crack in the face of a ridge and slips into a cavern known as the Devil’s Den, trapped by the men who would like to redeem the price on his head dead or alive.

Separated from his closest friend Ames, a former slave and Civil War veteran, and Wolf, a Cherokee tracker and unlikely ally, Brody is left to contemplate his options and the friends and family he may never see again.

About James Babb:

James Babb is an award-winning author who lives in Arkansas with his wonderful wife and two kids.
He’s an avid outdoorsman and cancer survivor.

He writes historical fiction for reluctant readers.

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