Best of Texas Book Awards: The Isle of Intrigue by Aaron Book

The race is on to find and free the kidnapped boys before they meet an untimely end.

The Isle of Intrigue by Aaron Zook has received the 2019 Best of Texas Book Award for YA Christian.

B. Alan Bourgeoise, founder and director of the Texas Association of Authors, point out, “Readers of the exceptional titles selected for the Book Awards would agree that they are winning reads and top-tier selections in their categories. By any measure, the distinguished books from this year’s forty-eight winners are of stellar quality. Readers will love to fall into the pages and climb out with the greatest of satisfaction.”

This is the seventh year for TxAuthors to select winning titles written by Texas authors for the Fiction, Nonfiction, and Children’s Books. The association has members from throughout the United States and is not limited to Texas writers.

The winners from this year’s contest will receive their prestigious awards at the Celebration of Authors Gala in San Antonio on July 27, which is part of the Fourth Annual Authors Marketing Event.

The Isle of intrigue

On a foggy Okinawan night, a stranger disrupts the Zanadu family’s first island-unique dinner at a seafood restaurant.

His violent search for a flying microbot leaves the family devastated, with Gabe and Alex Zanadu’s mother unconscious on the floor.

An Okinawan government official’s son, Mike, whose father was also assaulted, leads the boys in a search for the fleeing thugs.

Unsuccessful in bringing the attackers to justice, Gabe and Alex, their two dogs, Thunder and Lightning, and their new friends, Mike and his older sister, Crystal, are then hunted by the Okinawan and mainland-Japan mafia.

When the Japanese mafia grabs Alex and Crystal, the race is on for Gabe and Mike, along with the dogs, to find and free their siblings before they meet an untimely end.

About Aaron Zook:

Aaron M. Zook, Jr., a retired U.S. Army Colonel, enjoys opening new vistas for YA readers through his Christian mystery/adventure series.

His other books in the Thunder and Lightning series include Secrets of the Castle, Salt Mines Mystery, and The Phantom of the Fortress. Two boys and their two dogs, Thunder and Lightning, grow older and wiser in each book, solving one crisis after another around the world.

Aaron loves to coach writers, lead others in Praise and Worship, and volunteer in the community.

For a personal touch, get an autograph by ordering your books from or check out his publisher at

Aaron lives with his wife in Hawkins, Texas. They have two married sons and three grandchildren.

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