Best of Texas Book Award for Spiritual Thriller: Old Fashioned Girl by Jackie Smith

Review: I love Supernatural writings because I truly believe that we do live with Angels/demons in this world.

Old Fashioned Girl by Jackie Smith has received the Best in Texas Book Award for Spiritual Thriller. The award is presented by the Texas Association of Authors.

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The Story:

The story that has everything …

A handsome, successful young building contractor. A beautiful, intelligent young woman. An unexplained disappearance. An angel in disguise. And an adorable abandoned child. Savor the journey.

About Jackie Smith:

Jackie Smith lives on a ranch in Burlington, Texas, and is a retired teacher and principal. She taught creative writing classes for children and adults and has published fiction books for both adults and children as well as a non-fiction trilogy based on child and spousal abuse, and healing and recovery for victims.

Review by joyful334209:

Old Fashioned Girl is an immensely abundantly enjoyable book to read. I cannot say enough or express myself how much I love this book.

I love Supernatural writings because I truly believe that we do live with Angels/demons in this world.

This story has a child as well who touches the heart and who cannot afford to have their heart touched – this author makes you feel like you are vested into the characters and that shows how well the writing is – you keep the book with you wherever you go.

There is a romance – but isn’t there always -this one is a little different – let me tell you how ………………………………….nah you have to find out for yourself.

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