Best of Texas Book Award for Spiritual Nonfiction: Heaven Held by Suzanne Gene Courtney

A direct conversation with her son, illuminating the afterlife.

Heaven Held by Suzanne Gene Courtney has received the Best in Texas Book Award for Spiritual Nonfiction. The award is presented by the Texas Association of Authors.

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The Story:

This book explains what happens when a child dies. The child is immediately surrounded by Angels and resides in the first stage of Heaven called Transition. The child is only there briefly, but must be comforted and accustomed to this newness. The Love and Light are radiant, and the child is filled with awe and wonderment. Heaven Held is a dialogue between the author and her departed son who is a Light Being Guide. The author asks him questions and her son describes the place where he loves to work.

Suzanne Gene Courtney writes from the heart. For the past twenty years, she has grown in her life experiences from tragedy to understanding, from hope to joy, and now offers in this, her sixth book, a view of Heaven through her departed son’s eyes. Through extensive training and practice in automatic writing, discernment, and validation, Suzanne connects to her Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters.

For those who have lost a child, Heaven Held provides great comfort and peace in knowing what the first stage of Heaven offers their little ones. This book gives readers a glimpse of Heavenly beauties and possibilities as it reassures bereaved parents about the vastness and depth of God’s love for their child.

In her pursuit of spiritual growth and soul awareness, Suzanne continues to learn from her dear friend and mentor, Alyssa Malehorn, who is a Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, and Reiki Master Teacher in Austin, Texas.


About Suzanne Gene Courtney:

Suzanne Gene (Davis) Courtney has enjoyed a teaching career of nearly 30 years. Coming from a family of educators, Suzanne has always wanted to teach. She has raised three wonderful children: Laura, Daniel, and Gregg.

Laura and Gregg now reside in Austin, TX. Daniel passed away suddenly in 1997 in Hawaii, his birthplace. Suffering from a broken heart, Suzanne began to write. At first, she wrote poems on suffering and angst, but then her poems spoke of enlightenment, hope, and comfort. Ride to the Stars is her first book written to help children deal with loss and to understand that life continues from the other side.

Through the Eyes of a Dove was written to help parents cope with their devastating loss and to learn to live with their child in Spirit. Her family has experienced many wonderful “coincidences”, moments, and messages since then. Suzanne retired from teaching in 2011. Her third book, Rainfrog, although fictional, contains facts about tiny tree frogs, called coquies.

Florence Flies Alone, an Alliterative Airline Adventure, describes the flight of a nine-year-old and all the funny experiences on board. Using alliteration and rhyme, it could be used as a teaching tool in the classroom. Dear Diary: My Brother Died Today, was released in 2013. It was written through the eyes of a child whose brother suddenly passed away. Her latest book is Heaven Held, An Angelic Account of Children in Transition.

Review by Charles Asher, Phi Beta Kappa Review:

Suzanne Gene Courtney’s spiritual account of her communication with her deceased son is a moving and uplifting testament to love, hope, and faith. Like her other works– Through the Eyes of a Dove and Ride to the Stars— Ms. Courtney has managed to draw on her inner-strength and godliness to inspire those suffering from grief.

Heaven Held is unique in the author’s oeuvre in that it is a direct conversation with her son, illuminating the afterlife– and, particularly, the salvation of children– through a touching communion with her own, now angelic, child.

The book, however, is not simply a series of accounts; it is, in its own way, a manual for living with grief, an instruction guide for how one should think about death, the proper mind frame for the bereaved, and the types of questions one should ask.

Both a personal journey and a universal imperative to find grace and meaning, Heaven Held is sure to raise the spirits of those in pain.

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