Best of Texas Book Award: The Horse Killer by Joe Kilgore

A good western adventure novel told in classic western style, but with an unusual twist.

The Horse Killer by Joe Kilgore has received 2019 Best of Texas Book Award for Action and Adventure.

B. Alan Bourgeoise, founder and director of the Texas Association of Authors, point out, “Readers of the exceptional titles selected for the Book Awards would agree that they are winning reads and top-tier selections in their categories. By any measure, the distinguished books from this year’s forty-eight winners are of stellar quality. Readers will love to fall into the pages and climb out with the greatest of satisfaction.”

This is the seventh year for TxAuthors to select winning titles written by Texas authors for the Fiction, Nonfiction, and Children’s Books. The association has members from throughout the United States and is not limited to Texas writers.

The winners from this year’s contest will receive their prestigious awards at the Celebration of Authors Gala in San Antonio on July 27, which is part of the Fourth Annual Authors Marketing Event.

The Horse Killer

One man’s obsession to unravel a mystery leads to an arduous journey, a violent confrontation, a decision that can’t be unmade, and the everlasting weight of unintended consequences.

Southwest Texas. 1883. A Texas Ranger comes upon a horse that has been savagely beaten and killed. Soon he learns of the murder of another horse in a nearby town—another white horse. Setting aside other duties, he commits to finding the killer. When a third white horse is slain ritualistically, the Ranger vows to not only find the killer but to stop him once and for all.

Why are the animals being killed? Who is doing it? Can the Ranger find and stop the slayer? And if so, at what cost?

About Joe Kilgore:

After a long and successful career with international advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, Joe turned to writing fiction. Thus far he has had over 25 short stories published in magazines, creative journals, anthologies, and online literary publications.

He’s also the author of four published novels and the novella, The Horse Killer. In addition, Joe also writes professional book reviews for national organizations.

Joe’s wife, Claudia, is an accomplished artist. They live in Austin, Texas with a dog, multiple cats, and other animals that always seem to be wandering by.

You can read more about Joe and his fiction on his website:

Review by Real LaPlaine:

The Horse Killer, by Joe Kilgore, is a good western adventure novel told in classic western style, but with an unusual twist. Texas Ranger, Raven Comstock, on the hunt for wayward criminals, comes across an abandoned farm where he finds the carcass of a brutally beaten horse.

The crime sparks an investigative flame which then leads him to more such killings. As Raven chases down the perpetrator, there are adventures and altercations around every corner and sagebrush.

One senses what life was like on the open ranges of the American southwest, where rattlers and wild boars could end one’s existence in minutes.

This is a bizarre tale, one that challenges the reader to figure out who is behind the killings and why; and rest assured, it is not what you think. No spoilers – you’ll have to read the story.

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