Best of Texas Book Award for Grade School Book: The Popcorn Tree by Catherine Green

It contains some important lessons about facing fears, dreams, and our imaginations.

The Popcorn Tree by Catherine Green has received the Best in Texas Book Award for Grade School Book. The award is presented by the Texas Association of Authors.

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The Story:

Imagine you are five years old, and when you wake up in the morning, all of your family is gone. This is what happens to Claire.

What takes place next turns into an adventure. Making new friends can be frightening, but her new friend makes it so easy. Together they run and play.

Before they know it the day is almost over.

About Catherine Green:

From humble beginnings, Catherine Green found value in family. She was raised by her mother, mentor and guide through life, along with her two siblings. She learned hard work and devotion will always achieve much.

A student by heart, she enjoys learning and taking the road less traveled. She became the first in her family to graduate college. With many years of dedicated effort, she accomplished three degrees as a wife and mother while working full-time. She completed her bachelor’s in business administration from LeTourneau University.

Catherine has an astute mind for business. Her mother says, “She always caught on quick.” Her lifetime of work is evident with an array of fields ranging from agriculture, property investments, healthcare professional, oil and gas partner, skilled nursing consultant, owner/operator of El Rancho Verde, to children’s book author.

She proves to be a successful ambitious entrepreneur.

An adventurous spirit, interest in people, and curiosity of culture keep her traveling. She enjoys nature and the great outdoors.

Today, you will find her in the piney woods of East Texas raising exotic sheep. She believes that failure can happen only if one does not try. Fear is waiting to be conquered.

Review by Yosef Brusherd:

The story is so inspirational for children I had to get two copies, one for each of my two sets of grand and great-granddaughters.

Really brings out the revelation of family and who are true friends and what is really important.

Can’t wait for more insightful stories like this from this author — New or serialized! Worthwhile gifts to encourage young girls especially.

Please click HERE to purchase The Popcorn Tree from Texas Authors.

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