Bad Side of a Wicked Moon: Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

We write.

We hope someone reads the stories.

We pray someone likes the stories.

But we’re never sure until a review is published.

Reviews tell us if it’s all right to sit down and write again.

My sincere thanks to Rabia Tanveer for her review in Readers’ Favorite.

I’ve now begun book three in the series: Dark Side of an Orphan’s Moon.

Bad Side of a Wicked Moon is the second novel in The BoomTown Saga by Caleb Pirtle III. Murder, mystery, suspense, and action come to life in this novel set in a small town. The town of Ashland, Texas was saved when the ever-charming Doc Bannister discovered oil on Eudora Durant’s property.

Now the once poor town is thriving. However, with riches come con men and tyrants who want to swindle others. With new strangers coming into town every day, there isn’t much anyone can do about it.

But when one of those strangers is found dead on the derrick that Eudora owned, things take a stranger and far more dangerous turn. 

Eudora takes it upon herself to find out why the stranger was murdered, who murdered him and why his body was found on her property. If this is not problematic enough, the widow of the sheriff is claiming that Eudora’s derrick is on land that she owns.

While there isn’t much Eudora can do when it comes to the courts, she can definitely take charge of the situation and find out what is actually happening in once-sleepy Ashland and clear her name. 

Eudora is my favorite hero! She just commanded the story and owned it. Her presence is exceptionally large, she got my attention from the moment she was introduced in the story and she had my respect for her incredible intelligence.

You would think that a woman in her position would be easy to manipulate, but not Eudora. She is shrewd when needed and clever when she must be. She isn’t unkind, she is perhaps the most humble person in the cast, but her kindness is not her weakness.

Caleb Pirtle III ensured that the reader knew she was the boss and the leader of the story from the get-go. The flow was perfect, the development arc was phenomenal and the ambiance of Bad Side of a Wicked Moon was perfect for the setting.

This is a detail-rich and well-crafted story that must be read!

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