Back Home Again. How Sweet Can It Be?


There are soft sighs in the trees this chill night in Decembr.

Sighs that I am finally back home in these Ozarks hills.

In the gentle hills where I know I belong.  And, the night is sweet, with gentle whispers from the woods on the 12 acres where we now live.

Jory Sherman
Jory Sherman

I am back in Cedarcreek, where I once had a small mobile home, where I wrote several books, and fished almost every day with Bill Letterman, who has been an inspiration for some of my stories, and who is now spirit, gone from this world.

My cabin here has since burned down and the lot where it stood is vacant and covered with ashes.

Everything passes.

But, my son Marc found this place.  We are on a dead end road, and our home is at the very end of Kavon Kove Road.

How sweet can it be?

As sweet as any home we’ve ever had.

Sweeter, even, because we are on Bull Shoals Lake where I have fished and boated so long ago.

A lake nestled in the hills. Curling through these hills of Eden.  And, we have a view of the lake from all the windows that line my office, the kitchen, and the livingroom.

There is even a garden.  And, Marc, along with his girlfriend, Teri, found some green tomatoes, bell peppers and such still there.

How sweet can it get?  Very sweet, since I am contented.

There is a serenity here that is almost unearthly.  I feel very much at home.

I am home.

We are surrounded by trees.  There were deer in the garden the other morning.

You cannot measure such things as these.  You can only listen to the leafless trees whisper after you have seen their leaves turn golden, crimson, yellow, and brown until the wind and rain harvested them as mulch for the winter.

Then, too, there are the night whispers.  I listen to them each morning when I get up to work on my latest novel.

The trees tell me that I am home and bid me welcome.

Do trees talk?

My trees speak in gentle whispers and the air is full of their scent, the aroma of home.

And, now, I know the true meaning of the old sampler phrase on many a wall in American homes.

Home Sweet home.


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