Authors Showcase: When Matilda Made Time Stand Still by Cindy Ladage


The Book: When Matilda Made Time Stand Still

The Author: Cindy Ladage

The Story: When Matilda wants to continue to play and her mother tries to get her to go for a nap, Matilda inadvertently breaks her mother’s watch and time stands still.

The little girl is happy to continue with her tea party and playing with her dolls until she herself becomes sleepy and worries that she doesn’t know how to get time to start again.

Finally, she falls asleep.

About Cindy Ladage:

Cindy Ladage
Cindy Ladage

Cindy is a freelance writer and is married to a grain farmer. She has three grown children and two grandchildren. This is her fourth children’s book, but her first as a solo author.

Other titles include MY NAME IS HUBER…a tractor’s story and FAIRY TALES ARE FRAGILE…a love story set at the beginning of World War II. Cindy’s titles, including MATILDA, are available on or the publishers online store…

Book Review By Beryl Reichenberg, Author of Ants on a Log and other children’s titles: Cindy Ladage has written a delightful children’s picture book…illustrated by photographs, providing a sense of realism to the story. It is for children and adults alike who often wish time would stop so we could continue doing what we like to do … makes a good bedtime story.

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