Authors Showcase: Water and Stone by Dan Glover


The Book: Water and Stone

The Author: Dan Glover

The Story: It is called the first material.

Its presence on earth gave rise to the human race. All of the myths behind the great religions of the world grew out of it. Though it is no bigger than an egg it contains both heaven and hell and all manner of things in between.

Neither solid nor liquid, it cannot be held yet anyone who is unfortunate enough to come across it lives the rest of their lives desiring only one thing: the piedra, the stone of legend… known by countless names down through the ages: Aladdin’s Lamp, The Philosophers’ Stone, the elixir of life, the Midas touch, the I Ching, the crystal ball, the lotus, the philter, the rune stone, and even star dust.

When the stone, or piedra as it is known in Spanish, appears unlooked for at the Triple Six, a bone-dry ranch in the north of Texas, its powers begin to act inexorably upon those who are closest to it gradually drawing them into its enchanting and bewitching ways.

Living in poverty and wanting nothing more, Yanielle and her son Church are spared the more onerous effects of the stone, but those around them soon find themselves ensnared in webs of desire as far-reaching and as ancient as the legends that come with the piedra.

Will Church discover the secrets of the stone in time to save his family? Or will the yearning for the powers offered by the piedra ultimately corrupt all who come near it?

About Dan Glover:

Dan Glover
Dan Glover

In the late 1990s I was honored to work with Robert M. Pirsig (author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values, and Lila: An Inquiry into Morals) which resulted in my first book called Lila’s Child: An Inquiry into Quality, available in both print and as an e-file. Mr. Pirsig shares many insights into his Metaphysics of Quality, which allows for a deeper and more expanded way of understanding reality.

These days I write literary fiction rather than non-fiction, including the Gathering of Lovers series as well as the Mermaid series. I also have several collections of short stories and anthologies that revolve around Zen Buddhism and Eastern teachings as seen through the eyes of Western culture.

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