Authors Showcase: Wake Me Nots by Brenda Chaput


The Book: Wake Me Nots

The Author: Brenda Chaput

The Stories: If you want to read mystery chillers, pick up Wake Me Nots: Please Don’t Disturb Me Till I Find Out What Happens!

Wake Me Nots contains eighteen short mystery thrillers, engrossing tales about different people in different situations. Surprise and shock with some unexpected twists await readers.

“The Long Walk” feels like a non-ending desperate situation where a young man can’t escape another man. “Midnight Coffee” takes place in a café where a truck driver enters a nightmare that’s unreal.

When an arrogant man misjudges his next victim, he makes a “Deadly Miscue.” Two teens decide their teacher “has got to die” in the story “Murder Warranted.”

A young girl pockets a million dollars after planning the perfect blackmail plot in “Ducks in Line.” A man wakes up to total devastation and wonders, “Where Am I?” Being buried alive is the chilling plot of “Wish Me to Death.”

These spine-tingling tales and more await in Wake Me Nots.

From Brenda Chaput:

Brenda Chaput
Brenda Chaput

From Author Brenda Chaput, about my book, WAKE ME NOTS, and why that title?  I’ve been asked this question, but once the subtitle is clear, everyone gets it: “Please Don’t Disturb Me Till I Find Out What Happens!”  …

There’s eighteen short stories, with a bonus story, nineteen altogether.  And when you start reading, I’ve been told, you want to finish the story you’ve started.  The twists and turns engross the reader, but the impact is the clincher.  Some, jaw-dropping.  My stories are describe as: easy-reads (no over-flowing language).  They are “fun reads”.  It’s so easy to keep going, and you won’t want to be disturbed.

My experience writing Wake Me Nots was fun. I enjoyed writing them just as much — I hope — as my readers will enjoy reading them.  So far, the reviews I’ve received on Amazon are 5 stars.  I’m very grateful.

I’m now working on Wake Me Nots — Two.  Here are a few interesting titles: Shake Up, Dead Devotion, Proper Revenge, Whiplash, Wireless Apathy, Vital Flame, Calloused, That House:  More spine-tingling, mystery tales awaits my readers.

Review by C. L. Withers:

Wake Me Nots is a delightfully original and unique anthology filled with both quirky and suspenseful tales, more than a few that reminded me of Rod Serling’s edgy works focusing on the human condition.

The author manages to blend seemingly ordinary people with enjoyably creepy characters, providing the reader with a literary feast ranging from nightmare to outright fantasy. With eighteen stories and more than three hundred pages in length it also offers hours of reading enjoyment.

If you like mysteries that are just a little bit out of the ordinary and ‘things-that-go-bump-in the-night’ I can heartily recommend this book.

Review by Haney😐

Interesting mystery tales with intriguing metaphors. I really enjoyed them because they were easy to follow. Good stories to read at night when all is quiet. No interruptions.

Very entertaining and relaxing. Absorbing and gripping,I give this book a BIG FIVE STAR. This a book i really really ENJOYED. Hope to read more from this author.


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