Authors Showcase: Voodoo and the CIA

The Book: How Do You Voodoo?

The Author: Janice Horton

51ZVQ5MGE6L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The story: How Do You Voodoo? is a novella of approximately 20,000 words and is the first book in a Voodoo Romance Trilogy. The second book Voodoo Wedding is available from 1st March 2013.

Loveless fashion model Nola Nichols thinks being beautiful is a curse; that is until she is cursed and her looks begin to fade just a week before the most important photo shoot of her career.

Along the way, she finds herself taking part in a rather unconventional funeral, involved in a voodoo ritual, reveals one or two unrests in her own past and falls madly in love with a doctor. Erm, that would be a witch doctor, right…?

Review by I really like the morality that runs through the heart of this story. It’s a short, sharp, snappy read that takes a light-hearted look at the importance we place upon appearances and the detrimental behavior this encourages. The treatment Nola dishes out to the old woman is fairly typical and probably not too far-fetched, if we’re all honest.

Having a voodoo curse placed on the book’s main character is a unique and fun direction to take with this bite sized romance, and makes for an entertaining read – plus it is always satisfying to join a character on a his or her’s journey of self-discovery. The second book in the series is sure to be a hoot.

Review by jontybabe: This is a short novella and was perfect rainy day reading for me. Just the sort of lovely story to relax with. Nola is a top model. She has everything going for her and is thought to be one a very beautiful woman. However, on a flight back from Barbados, Nola’s life is about to take on a staggering transformation thanks to a Mambo or a voodoo priestess.

Can Nola really break the curse and get her life back on track? There’s everything at stake here, including a top modelling job. But, as Nola soon begins to realise, she has forgotten about what the really important things in life are and what her humble beginnings were. Meeting Louis soon changes her thinking, but is it enough to fix her life in time?

This was such a fun read but with a serious message throughout. Nola’s lessons throughout the book are lessons for the reader too. The story has just the right sprinkling of romance and humour that doesn’t detract from the underlying message. Well done to Janice Horton for a lovely story.

The Book: The Screen Conspiracy

The Author; Maxwell Black

51ARvXXiEPL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-77,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The Story: Washington where nothing is what it seems. Not knowing that can cost you your life.

True, middle-aged Jack Halpin knew little of the internet, neither its potential nor its danger. Notwithstanding that, how could he possibly have foreseen the impact it would have on his life?

Once an up and coming senior executive, Jack is on a downward career and personal projectory. His beliefs and all the vestiges of his career and privileged family life are challenged as he is submerged in a dangerous world for which he is ill prepared. A member of the Fairfax Gun Club, Jack is a traditionalist who believes in the right to bear arms, law and order. He has a strained relationship with his wife Poppy, the daughter of respected Senator Jock Kessles, a man who is deeply disappointed in his unsuccessful son-in-law.

Unknown to Jack, the mysterious death of a senator is the signature tune to a traumatic change in his world and everything he has taken for granted. Surviving the onslaught of rapid, life or death challenges and the sinister forces facing him, will require all his resolve. This journey will bring him face to face with murder, political intrigue, depravity and betrayal.

The answer to Jack’s dilemma lies somewhere in the internet. If he is to survive, he will first need to uncover a conspiracy which runs right to the heart of the Senate. Then he needs to figure out what to do with that knowledge which has left a trail of murders in its wake.

How could a life, so ordinary, turn so quickly?

Review by Ignite: This is a conspiracy theory/political thriller set in America which involves the CIA attempting to implicate senators in a child pornography scandal with a view to blackmailing them in order to sway their votes. The main protagonist, Jack, has to ensure the proposed bill is not passed as, under the guise of preventing terrorism, it will allow much more legislation to be pushed through with a very small majority. He and his friends are kidnapped by his CIA nemesis and there’s a great deal of fast action and some rather shocking deaths standing in the way of justice. I very much enjoyed the story which was complex and exciting and involved some thought-provoking issues about internet use and security.

Maxwell Black can certainly write an action-packed thriller. There were a few errors in the book but on the whole, I found the writing of a high standard. In view of the easy conscience of the rogue CIA operative, I doubted that he would have left the heroic protagonists alive so long. He showed no mercy even to colleagues so I felt they were spared just so they could meet the final denouement. Having said that, I enjoyed the story a great deal and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves either a thriller or a conspiracy.

Review by Susan Preston: I found the book extremely interesting. Having worked as a computer trainer, with an interest in teaching people to secure their computers I think this SHOULD be a wake up call.

I think the author did an excellent job of holding my interest and tying the story together.

No sex, which was great… just an excellent story.


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