Authors Showcase: Valentine’s Day Is Murder by Carolyn Arnold

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The Book: Valentine’s Day Is Murder

The Author: Carolyn Arnold

The Story: From bestselling author Carolyn Arnold…Strap in for an adventure that will take you to the beautiful island of Jamaica and have you wanting a piña colada. Jimmy finally takes a vacation–and a chance on love–only to be abducted.

His female companion originally thinks he had cold feet about their relationship, but Sean and Sara know there’s more to it. Jimmy isn’t the type to just up and disappear, let alone leave a lady stranded. Setting out on their private jet, Sean and Sara reach the tropical paradise of Ocho Rios, Jamaica with sightseeing as the last thing on their minds.

With a gold coin being their initial tie to Jimmy’s kidnapper, Sean and Sara even speculate about the involvement of pirates. Yet as the hours pass, and there’s no word from Jimmy’s captors,

Sean and Sara will need to figure out the real motive before it’s too late. With help from their friend, Adam, back in Albany, the pieces come together and not a moment too soon.

About Carolyn Arnold:

Carolyn Arnold
Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn Arnold is an award-winning and International bestselling author, a blogger, and is published in IUeMag, a distinguished online magazine dedicated to inspiring people. She is also the proud founder of the Shining Soul site that is geared to healing, motivation, and self-empowerment.

Since she published in 2011, her books have been sold and downloaded over half a million times. Titles in her Madison Knight, Brandon Fisher FBI, and McKinley Mystery series have all hit bestselling lists. Her work ranges from cozy mysteries to hard-boiled detective and FBI procedurals.

Review by American Daughter:

This new addition to the McKinley Mysteries was a delight to read. Even more action-packed and suspenseful than usual, this story follows Sean and Sara on a mission to rescue their friend Jimmy from an unknown abductor.

There was plenty of humor, romance, danger and surprises all the way through until the very end. The sultry Jamaican setting is the perfect backdrop and I was squirming right alongside Sara during her spider encounter.

Definitely one of the best of the series and a must-read for those seeking a lighthearted romantic mystery with a dash of danger.

Review by Steve Thomas:

I read a lot of books, and in the petulance of my old age, I run across many that I toss away lightly. Life’s too short to kiss boring women, to eat white bread, or to wade through bad books. I don’t owe the author anything; he owes me, even if I got the book for free at the library, from a friend, or, as in this case, the author offered me a review copy.

But there was *something* in this book that had me coming back to it. I don’t do that. When I toss a book aside, I rarely return. I *ought* to enjoy this book, I told myself, so I kept trying. Then I spent a week in the hospital with flu and pneumonia. I spent another week at home before I even *tried* to read this book.

And I made it through the first chapter. And the second. It was picking up speed, and I found myself gorging on Ms. Arnold’s words.

Mysteries are hard to review, because you don’t want to spoil them for the reader, so I won’t tell you anything about the story, but it’s a good story, told well. And the story is told by someone who knows how to make her writing “invisible”, so that the story comes shining through.

I don’t begin to review everything I read. The truly bad, I want to warn others not to waste their time. The mediocre, I figure people can find those with no difficulty. The best, I try to review carefully, because what’s sauce for the goose quite often ISN’T sauce for the gander. So you’ve already noticed that I gave this book five stars. Who should enjoy it? Well, people who read. People who enjoy reading.

People who want to be lightly challenged in solving the mystery before the answer is revealed. And who should avoid it? Well, best I can figure, that would be people who hate reading, and those who are having so much trouble breathing that they need to be hospitalized. Yeah, this is that good.

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